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WTS Deep Dimensions 200 Gallon Reef Tank with Oceans Motions CL - $1000

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I'm breaking down my Marineland Starphire 200 Gallon DD tank and going with a new red sea reefer 750XXL. I will be selling the tank (including sump, closed loop plumbing and stand/top). I was running the sump from my garage but you could easily run this in an under cabinet configuration without chagrining the existing closed loop plumbing config (will need to do minor pluming to connect your own pumps and return line to sump). 

The Tank:
great condition Marineland 200 Gallon deep dimensions starphire tank (48x36x27), Custom stand is 2x4 framed with removable cabinet for easy access to plumbing. Top is solid wood with aluminum bracing. Oceans Motions 4-way wave maker and closed loop plumbing (Echotech L1 is not included core plumbing is). All bulkheads/unions are schedule 80 pvc and plumbing is schedule 40 pvc. Also included is a 20 x 20 x 15" 3/8 thick acrylic sump. This setup would easily cost $4k to build new (new 200DD starphire tanks alone are almost $2k). $1,000 OBO

Call or text my cell: 803-239-seven two four two

Interested in partial trade for 36 x 24 x 12 frag tank. 







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