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Finally cleaned out the garage sale :)

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Finally got a chance to go through all our extra stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And if prices aren't fair feel free to make an offer (I find pricing stuff to be the most stressful part)



10 gal tank $5


55gal plumbed tank- doesn't look the nicest but would work as a frag tank or hospital tank or ???? $25


Sump (I believe this was a breeder tank turned sump) nice and big. We can't fit it under our stand or we'd keep it. $100


Eshopps HOB skimmer (for an HOB this thing is a champ) $50


Skimmer with controllable jebao pump (Sorry not sure what brand the skimmer itself is but it's good size and works well) $100


Hydor smart wave with two circulation pumps $40


Heaters (2 20w, 2 50w and 1 200w) $5 each


Misc circulation pumps (a couple are missing magnets) $5 each


2 BRS dosing pumps $25 each


3 return pumps $15 each79971a6a836056937f24342db9443ec4.jpg091189a30f0ca7c2608ee5fae7f1bdd6.jpgf6a15c5f7cf0affe4569aa50c58669ef.jpg284855adf283973091e268e149eef721.jpg89d0b41997aeedc0128e0060497858fb.jpg78362984ded085d9cc0adb873004a33f.jpgd03aff3cf6330a65aebc46cc9bddf083.jpg3ddb70f6526fffa479272baeb5e606b1.jpgdb547d14ac22cbcc1fbc9d36bfffa0ac.jpg


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