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    • By badxgillen
      WOW! That was a pretty impressive December party/meeting yesterday, there was tons of food, plenty to drink,bunches of corals, many a people, and the HUGE Raffle! It Was Big!!!
      Like many of you after much preparation and packing of corals, I had a bit of traveling to do before getting to relax with my fellow reefers at the meet. Fortunate for me I was carpooling with the PNWMAS Corvallis Branch Kireek, Miles, and Lexinverts. All avid reefers with good conversation subject matter so the ride was painless.
      Right before I left out the front door I had to check my PNWMAS page one more time and saw a couple new messages in the December meeting thread most noticeably this post here that caught my eye...
      When I read this post online in the December meeting thread and saw this sign at The Premium Aquarium  I was stoked! I love Garret and the TPA crew!
      I decided that it isn't fair for me to go without letting my crew go as well. So, I'm gonna close the shop from 2pm until 4:30pm so that everyone can join in on the fun! We are all excited to see everyone!

      I am really happy he is the cool guy he is and made the change in their busy work schedule for some fun with the PNWMAS Club.  

      Unfortunately I was a tad bit late on arrival and there was a number of people whom had already arrived. I am very grateful for our killer Board Of Directors and Office members, they had everything setup and ready to go ahead of time.

      Raffles were promised and raffles were delivered!!! Look at this line up! Need,More, Tickets...

      And the white elephant gift exchange was in full effect! This table had some of the gifts and there were a number still at another table, there were 20+ participants with varying gifts.

      We packed the place, banquet room was full, and everyone was having fun.

      A very nice venue that was pretty accommodating considering how busy they were. We had 4 tables for our meet discluding the raffle table and the gift exchange table. Very cool.

      Kireek, Flashy Fins, KKnight, and Reefermadness saved me a spot at the end of the table, more good company.
      So I am thinking I am going to start with the gift exchange and then move through the rest of the pics. Kinda backwards I know but I think it will work out just right here.

      What the Hey, Gift exchange it is.

      Gill&Fin received a stylish beanie to keep her head warm, VHO Actinic bulbs, and then some. You never know with this game do you?
      Flashy Fins found Dori! and some sweet socks, I believe they have found their proper home right here, I have seen some colorful sock on this one.

      Kireek with the book that ended up to be a very nice doctor Sues, hide it from the white elephant thieves. I mean "Who" doesn't like the classics?

      Speaking of Dori and Nemo look what we have here. YouCallmenny here with a smile...He knows whats up, he knows.

      Emerald with some Hikari frozen food packs, the corals and fish are gonna eat well tonight! I have recently been using a decent amount of there product in change over some inferior ones, this one has much less water fouling liquids and particles in the cubes.

      IntoTheMystic got a whole lota kisses! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. That will be an upcoming holiday diet for many of us I think. Just take it one Kiss at a time my friend and it will all be good.

      Bycicle Bill unwrapped an automatic feeder, it sounded like something he had some extensive experience with and would use a backup...Sadly enough this was stolen from him in very short time, thats the way the White Elephant rolls. Sorry Bill.

      Righttirefire had a brief run in with the Captain but his visit with Morgan was short lived, like a thief on the high seas the Captain Moran was snatched from him in no time. What can you do.

      Sirena and the remote control angelfish, now you need the clownfish too so you can both get in on the interactive aquarium. The fish and corals will love it, I have been wanting to try one out on my aggresive powder blue but the tang is so dang fast.

      Flash21 unwrapping his bottle of Aquavitro Fuel...That I stole very shortly after. I needed more of the stuff man, I hope you understand and there are no hard feelings. My corals thank you.

      Bubbarockies left with a motion picture for the after party entertainment, its an interesting one that's for sure. Hope the Captain America works out for you.

      Stylaster got a Brick of chocolate bars, there are certainly worse things thats for sure. I have yet to have an issue with having too much good chocolate.

      Whoop Whoop!!! She found Nemo! And some stylish reef socks. I wish my kids would do this when they got their shirts and socks...Maybe I need to get ones with octopus, seahorse, and clownfish.
      Holly Cap that was Fun!!! But what about those raffles?..


      Lets see, I think Holly has that under control here.

      I must apologize again for the pictures, there was less "posing" that usual and my angles were not were they should have been. That being said this is what I did capture. Bubbarockies snagging a nice gift certificate to good old Rocky Mountain Frags, there is some choice stuff there thats fir sure.

      Miles was excited that he walked home with the generous frag pack donated by Paratore, Cody's Surprise! There was a few nice things in there yeah, Thanks Cody.

      Look at the energy in this shot, ecstatic about it, KKnight won one of the Grand Prizes, the duel MP 40s! Talk about an upgrade, glad you have a tank large enough to use em cause they sure make alot of motion in the ocean.
      And Say What!?

      Once the winning number of the other grand prize Red sea Nano All In One was called people just looked, Cody still gathering himself in disbelief looking at his ticket.

      And YES!!! Paratore is the lucky One.
      Speaking of Lucky Ones...

      This Gyre was won with just the free membership raffle ticket you get from being a payed member. It Pays to to be part of the official crew. I won an MP 10 the same way a few years back.CHEERS to you!
      Congratulations too all of you who won at the raffles, there was alot of sponsors pooled into this one as well as some club funds to make this amazing thing happen, and boy did it happen.
      Thank You Holly, Jorge, Miles, KKnight, Garret, MattV, TheClark, and Softy. 
      A Special Thanks to President Emerald, First Lady Sirena, Treasurer Mr.Bret, they put in a lot of effort into this particular meet and it sure payed off guys and gals. We Appreciate it.
      It has been a good year y'all and I am honored to have been working along side a good group of people like this...Thank You. 
      And now what say you about even more pictures!?
    • By badxgillen
      For those of you who were not able to make it the PNWMAS September meeting this year was held at one of our club members homes Higher Thinking. Andrew and his wife Lauren purchased the house recently and opened their doors to our group for a very nice meet and greet shindig.

      Right inside you walk right past a very nice fresh water planted tank. He gave a run down on how to keep an attractive shrimp aquarium, wich is also something he knows quite a bit about, I didn't get any close ups of this particular tank but I did get some shots of the others.

       Once you walk past the fresh water tank you are just hit by this large reef just glittering in the middle of the room. YES!!! Are those Radions I see? Nice canopy, it looks pretty slick in person.

      Higher Thinking even cleared some space right next to his tank for our cub frag tank. My good friend Miles and I got the trade tank going on for some coral exchange.

      A very healthy spread of food was layed out before we had even gotten their by our generous hosts. Mac and cheese, sweet cornbread, 3 kinds of delicious pulled pork, Sirena's killer tortellini pasta salad, and 



      With OUR Name on them! Very Cool Lauren and Andrew, Very Cool.

      Not only that but Andrew offered up his knowledge and time to give us all a refresher course on Calcium reactors. Conveniently he has it plumbed underneath his house were it resides in a separate closet that happens to be adjacent to were the meeting was taking place. 

      He did very well at the presentation, ran through all the basics, got into some of the technicalities, answered questions, and with some input form Bicycle Bill pointed out some tricks of the trade as well as thoughts on some reactor maintenance. Thank You Andrew, you did well.

      AND let us not forget about the Big Raffle that went on. So many generous sponsors this year! In the pot at this September meeting were... Rod's Frozen Foods, The Premium Aquarium, Upscales, Avast Marine Works, Sea Horse Supply, Ocean In A Box, Barrier Reef, and the Golden Basket! 
      Not only that but there was tons of cool reef stuffs brought such as bags, buttons, hats, and various sample products from test kits to coral dips. Thank you Holly and Kim!
      Kim even brought the Club T-Shirts for our members to grab one before we revamp the style...So much good stuff in one place.