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Well folks, it was an amazing workshop provided by the fine folks at the Hatfield Marine Science Center yesterday. I procedures performed were both engaging and informative while at the same time very entertaining. Sid and his assistant Mallory did an amazing job in their diagnostic procedures and shared much of the nitty gritty that goes on in a routine fish anesthesia and examination.

I suppose that I should back up just a bit and mention a few things about the day before hand.

As most of you know it has been rather hot lately but here at the Newport coast it was a mild 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky.


It was also nice to have the majority of the area to ourselves at first. Not too many people had arrived yet so it appeared we had beat the crowds.


Here we are, back at the good ole Hatfield Marine Science Center. I am starting to have very good memories from attending the PNWMAS meets and getting to meet some of the good people behind making it the special place it is.

Lets take a peek inside..


Right after the front desk and greeted by the overtly talkative old timer you get a visual overload of things to look at first of which is the tide pool replica touch systems that are full of colorful wild inverts of all shapes, sizes,  and colors.



In these pics I only captured a couple anemones and urchins but there was several mollusks such as muscles and snails as well as a Huge sea cucumber of sorts that had to be as big as my fore arm.


Lots of educational displays to accommodate the the many aquariums, bones/fossils, replicas, and interactive demos. Looks like Albertareef and Jeremyeveans found the tropical reef area.


Can't leave without taking a look at the tank with the PNWMAS corals.


The devils hand and the Plerogyra is going into beast mode. I kinda wanted to ask about a frag of the table acro in the center but I had nothing on me to trade, maybe next time. The Capricornus also had an interesting growth pattern to it, some big colonies in there now.

The majority of the aquariums are temperate/coldwater tanks that house all types of fish and invertebrates.



In addition to the tropical and cold water systems there are a few fresh water things going on too.


All with their own educational or artistic value. There was even a new Rio Negro south american tank on display full of discus, pencil fish, and nice rummy nose & cardinal tetras. 



and for those of you who have not visited the HMSC before or it has been a little while make sure you do. The pictures provided by myself and others do not do justice to the facilities well kept aquariums livesstock and the educational interativities...Okay Okay, I will get to the demo.

This year was very different from the usual behind the scenes tours we have had in the past at HMSC. Right off the bat we were diverted into the west wing of the science center and into the animal health area containing a quarantine and treatment facility made for housing various marine specimens both tropical and cold water. There are very large pump buildings that pull water from out the Newport coast here and bring it through plumbing into the various holding tanks for efficient clean salt water on demand.


You probably all know Sid from the Hatfield Marine Science Center, AKA Intothemystic, and introducing his assistant Mallory.




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Waiting for us in the "west wing" were a few specimens getting ready for the procedures about to take place. in the large green holding tank were two different types of rock fish being held in the blue totes.


The totes not only facilitates holding the specimens but also allows for having a controlled amount of water for the anesthesia dosing. Mentioning there would be a change in water conditions from the Tricaine Sid began adding sodium bicarbonate to the sedative to compensates the PH drop.He explained how it is the same base dosage for the volume of water but can be increased depending on different species tolerances of the sedative and the bicarbonate changed for more acidic conditions.


Carefully watching the respiration of the fishes gills he was able to determine that these fish were infarct ready to be handled for the health examination. 


After running through the basics of handling the fish and how to properly check the pertinent areas of the fish and gills we got to glove up and dive in...Not literally but we did get the opportunity to give the fish a pretty thorough examination, which actually led to finding some leeches. Mallory had the delightful job of plucking them from the fishes fins and even gills.



Alberareef giving this fish a second glance over, it seemed there was some leeches attached to the gills here.


There were some skin scrapings taken and a tiny gill snip both of which were thrown onto a microscope slide for us all to see.


A bit of slime coat with a small scale,


and a gill cutting looks healthy,


...So does this leech here.


Waking the animals form the sedative was as simple as adding fresh clean salt water slowly back into the bins and this allowed them to "revive" and get their bearings.


Next up was a real treat!

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Sid had a good sized wolf eel getting sedated for us! This was quite the treat as these are amazing animals that few people will get close to in their life times.


This fish is WICKED!!!


Once under the drugs influence Sid was able to get hand on and examine the eels health without jeopardizing a hand or chunk of flesh, he needs those fingers.


A closer look into the maw, sharp nasty front teeth and then the back row of "crushing" teeth. Evolution has built this fish into a fine predator of the sea.


Sid points out some abrasions on the side of our smooth skinned friend here and thinks it may have just been caused by "flashing" against the sides of something abrasive.


After some gill inspection he finds some parasites, see that long stringy guy hanging off the tissue,leaches.


Time for some more microscope slides to do a proper checkup and diagnosis.


We were also fortunate enough to see the two here perform a feeding tube and deliver the contents tot he eels stomach all without incident. Several legit medical procedures were demonstrated and taught to our group, it was like taking an aquatics vet tech class with a couple very cool cats. I took away so much knowledge in one hour i makes me very grateful to have attended, and the wolf eel makes it something I will probably never forget.


Woops, this last one just kinda slipped in there, but it was of some cool looking rays so I will just leave i there for now. These guys came right p to the water surface almost trained for feeding time. Not shy at all.

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After the workshop was finished we all headed out to the courtyard adjacent to the west wing building and proceeded to mingle and have our BBQ.SAM_2040.JPG

UH OH, The fish talk is ON! Looks like I am going to have another geek out! But as you all know sometimes I cannot help myself.


Danlu on the left, Intothemystic in the middle, and Sirena on the right.


Jeremyevens and Albertareef playing it cool in the shade. 




These two were great helps to Sid and the days events, sometimes I forget that there are other people behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Thanks for hanging with us and being a helping hand, looks like the animals here are in good hands.


Look at this little guy, great place to give the tiny person some future incentives...Marine Biology anyone?


And speaking of little guys, look who else came for the fish health workshop! Pay attention now and you will be an ace with aquariums by the time your our age.


Had to post this one too. First students here starting early, cute right?


Our president Emerald here, wouldn't be a party without you...Did I say party? I meant "Meeting".


 Blue sky, blue hair, and blue scales. Flashyfins is another social butterfly who always has something to add to the group conversation. 

Kim put also went out of her way to snag a killer prize for this meeting, a digital Milwaukee refractometer.


And look who our winner was for the raffle, Danlu! We all had an even chance for winning on this one since there was no buy in, only a ticket for attending and a ticket for being a member. Talk about some fair and even odds.

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A big thank you to Sid and the Hatfield Marine Science Center for having the PNWMAS club out to the facility. It is thoroughly enjoyed by us and much appreciated, we know it is not easy being in your shoes. Keep up the good work yeah.

Thank You Emerald, for taking the lead on so many things in the club, I just thought I should remind you that you are doing a fine job as acting club president and I also appreciate that.

Thank You Sirena for taking the time once again to prep up some fine foods and appetizers and being so helpful towards the club. It does not go unnoticed.

Thank You Miles, Mr Bret, Chief, Clark, Gill&Fins, KKnight, FlashyFIns, Albertareef, Lexinverts, Cuttlfish, And Zoolander for taking on the job of working behind the scenes to make this club the awesome place it is. 

I know I have said it a few times before but that means no harm in saying it again, Ya'll at PNWMAS ROCK!!!

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Woohoo! I always love seeing your pictures after our meetings, Robert. :highfive:

Great time had by all, and @IntoTheMystic deserves extra special thanks for always being such a fantastic host and putting together interesting and educational tours for us. Looking down the throat of that wolf eel was quite the experience! It was wonderful getting to know our friend Sid on a personal level this time, thanks to the BBQ. Lovely chatting with you!

@Sirena, you were a pro with that setup, wheeling in coolers of food, cooking up the meal, and packing it all back up at the end like it was a simple picnic basket.

Props to @Emerald525 for not catching anything on fire that she shouldn't. :laugh: Who knew she had such a pyromaniac side to her? :flamemad:

Fabulous group of people we have here, and I'm glad to be a part of it. :mermaid:

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Thanks for the excellent recap and photos Bert - almost as much fun as being there!  Fantastic job by Sid and Mallory sowing us the ropes and answering lots and lots of questions. Really interesting and enlightening. It's one thing to read about such procedures but a whole other level to see them and take part. Thanks HMSC folk!

Also a big shout out to Sirena and Kim for taking care of us with food and prizes. Greatly appreciate all the work you guys put into the club. Fortunately we left the facility intact after our BBQ- looked a bit dicey for a while as Kim got the grilled "fired" up in no uncertain terms. Now we know why Sirena prefers to cook over gas! ?

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It was definitely a fun filled day!  So sad that I had stupid work stuff that got us there late ?  However the chatting it up with such a great group of people over a ? I mean BBQ ? Was fun!! I always enjoy chatting with everyone.  

Thank you Sid for being such an amazing down to earth... totally hysterical host ?  And for the great recommendation for seafood. We had a little there and for some to cook at home. Right off the boat and taaaaasty!! 






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Bert love your pictures thanks for sharing. I'm bummed we had to come later and I missed the wolf eel but Sid said he would do it again next year. I always wanted to be a vet but decided to "settle" and take care of the "human" animals.

And yes I love fire !!:clap: I had it all under control !!

Newport is one of my favorite beach areas in Oregon and Hatfield is a nice place with a nice location. I will try to have it in June next year so more people can come and give more notice.

Sid also gave a very good recommendation for food called Local Ocean! They had seafood right off the pier and was so fresh the clams were still alive! Soooo good!!

Had a great time !!

Thanks Sean for finding me too as we came late!

We have a good group here!

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Local Ocran is awesome - glad you found that per Sid's recommendation. We almost always stop in when we are there but can get really busy!

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1 hour ago, albertareef said:

Local Ocran is awesome - glad you found that per Sid's recommendation. We almost always stop in when we are there but can get really busy!

I can imagine we went around 4 pm and it was busy but got seated right away. Great place!

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2 hours ago, Sirena said:

It was definitely a fun filled day!  So sad that I had stupid work stuff that got us there late ?  However the chatting it up with such a great group of people over a ? I mean BBQ ? Was fun!! I always enjoy chatting with everyone.  

Thank you Sid for being such an amazing down to earth... totally hysterical host ?  And for the great recommendation for seafood. We had a little there and for some to cook at home. Right off the boat and taaaaasty!! 







MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM shrimp and clams :laugh: tasty ;) 


Meeting looked like a great time and I was actually trying to hit this one but forgot the date :dejection:

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Thanks for posting those Daniel!  Glad to see Bert actually make it into a pic since he is always behind the camera :clap:

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On 7/23/2017 at 4:31 PM, Sirena said:




Now that there is a serious grilling throwdown. Looks like Local Ocean met with your approval. You just can't go wrong in that joint.



It was a real pleasure for us to host you guys and work up a few animals. That's right in the wheelhouse of the Aquatic Animal Health Program, as we are all about sharing what we know and the best ways to care for and proactively maintain the health of our aquatic critters. We had a lot of fun and you guys asked some very intuitive questions. I'm already planning next year's meeting. Not sure whether or not I'll have a Wolf Eel about that needs to be fed but it's very likely I'll have something new to add to the mix. I always have at least a half-dozen or more cases working in Hospital/Quarantine.

Was great to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet some new ones, including a coupla larval members. It's not easy for me to get over to the valley or up to PDX on Saturday afternoons but I'm going to make a real effort to get to more monthly meetings in the future. Y'all are just too cool and it's waaaay too much fun talking fish and inverts with you. Thanks again for coming!


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    • By badxgillen
      Sorry about the delay in the post, just got my son moved into his dorm and got to spend yesterday having lunch, packing some of his things, and hanging out. Right after seeing him off, and eating dinner, I got to starting this thread.
      As you all know, or now will know, the September meeting at All Things Aquarium was a Hoot! The place was loaded with SPS, LPS, and softy corals not to mention fish of all sorts.

      Everything was nice and clean, several of the tanks looked amazing!

      spot on. Look at this frag forest! I missed out on a red/orange centered green yuma, we left a little early and I completely forgot to snag one! Bummed, guess I better sneak back to ATA.

      In between the store and the adjacent building there is a very nice courtyard area that facilitates gatherings like this splendidly.

      You might be able to see in the background there, Zoolander lent his skills to the grill and did a great job, thanks a ton man.
      And speaking of the grill man, here he is on the left, thinking ahead of time with those shades, it was such a beautiful day. And speaking of generous guys, Bicycle Bill here on the right came in handing out coral frags like it was trick or treat candy...He is such a nice person, generous with the corals and good advice, Bill is one of the good ones.

      Here is another of the good old boys. The main man at the ATA store, Erin. He opened up his store for all of us to come in and have our meeting, BBQ, and raffle at. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a knack for the aquatics, I know I will be back to pick his brain and aquariums sooner than later. Thank you my friend.

      Two of our awesome sponsors here in one shot, Stylaster left and Mr Bret on the right. Both have contributed quite a bit of their time over the years both off and on the BOD and office, Cheers to you two...And Thanks a ton for the frags Roy, I will return the favor.

      Highschool Reefer, eyeballing the store goods no doubt. I forgot to mention I had a few things I could throw you for your new tank setup and a few pointers on keeping macro algae trimmed back. Maybe I will see you next month though.

      Jfry here. This guy is in my line of work, aquatics maintenance, and I love talking about others setups and tanks with this guy. He has some good stories and is getting seasoned thats for sure. You all know you have to come up with a lot of different solutions to strange problems in the reefing world.

      Kai made it out to another meet, very nice guy. Hope that zoanthid pack you won is doing well, there were some lookers in there, blues, reds, and a little yellow. Should ease into the new tank just fine.

      Gill&Fin center and DJ right. I meant to ask you on some QT questions Holly. Maybe I can still get some info out of you and see if you get file fish in frequently? And sorry I did not have time to swing by DJ, believe me I have plans on it in the near future.

      Youcallmenny on the left and Albertareef on the right. With the good people that will give you a hand with the move you should be just fine getting into your new place, sounded like you have it pretty well planned out now. 

      Reefer Madness left and Daniel right. Daniel makes the Reefi lighting system and is a working on a couple other products as well. He also has a killer tank setup. Reefer Madness, let me know when your going on that crabbing trip, I love dungenous. And I will keep my eyes peeled for a cowrie.

      Lex inverts chatting with Mr Bret. I have always liked this guy, he tells it like it is...And Also has a few very nice setups. He bred some seahorses too not too long ago.Now that I think about it I think Bret has some baby seahorses right now.

      Whop whoop!!! I got this pic  of Paul here winning the gift certificate to All Things  Aquarium. He is totally stoked! I would be too, so much there to grab, I bet that certificate never left the store.

      Grand Prize Vortech went to Albertareef! Way to go man, nice score! I love these raffles that are equal tickets equal chances. Although I wouldn't mind buying more tickets on certain items, it is a refreshing change once in a while to just take a true shot at chance.
      A major highlight of this meet  was the presentation given by Miles about fluorescent pigment proteins. He explained a number of things on the subject such as tracking/monitoring cell functions, mutations, calcium and photo reactions...It was wild.
      I can elaborate a little more when I get back from work but for now just enjoy these shots of Mils slides. He did a great job and was very informative, answering all of Andy's questions  But really Miles, Thank You, it was awesome.
      A slide miles had showing the cell internal structure and Florescent Proteins that assist in research.

      Lined up were a number of people who wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the mysterious GFPs. You can see all the way down on the left had side there is a junior member getting his first reef class sessions in.

      . OptimusPrime taking addvantage of the black light LED flashlight. I wish I could take those, inject them into my montis, and make a new variety of "tie dye" coral.

      OH and th
      e obligatory coral shots here and there.

      Miles brought some samples of the Florescent Proteins, both natural and man made. Not too sure where he gets all these but I wouldn't mind a few for this upcoming Halloween...How many corals would you say is in one of those little bottles Miles?

    • By badxgillen
      Well folks, we have some exciting news about this months meeting!!!
      On Saturday July 22, PNWMAS will be making the annual trip out to the Hatfield Marine Science Center but this year we are shaking things up with a change in the routine. Sid , the director at the MHSC, is going to take us through the building and into the west wing of the science center to give us a hands on animal health work up and exam, he says that there are at least two other animals for this workshop. Now I personally do not know what "fish/animals" these will be but I know I can learn a thing or two about diagnosis and treatment so this will be extremely educational.
       I have to also mention that I Love these trips out to the science center, they are always a Blast, and for a few reasons. Let me explain...
      Reason #1- Super Geek Out! Sid is a specialist in his fields and is a wonderful person to ask questions and get information from. There has not been a time talking with this man that I did not learn something new, from the sounds of it we are about to get to the nitty gritty in the fish health exam. And lets not forget that this is a Marine Science Center!!! So much to do and see, there are several impressive displays last time I was in and a few hands on demos with a nice touch tank near the front lobby area.
      Reason #2- The Coast! The beach, the seafood, and the sea life! These are all things that should be on ones agenda when heading West to our Pacific Ocean. Late July should be for some pretty decent weather too so more reason to come out and join us. I might even bring my flip flops and do a little beach combing with you.
      Reason #3- Us PNWMAS crew, we will all be there not only during the presentation but afterwards as well to have a nice social gathering. Last year many of us ate at a local fish house together but this year we are doing our best to work out a location for a possible BBQ so stay tuned on that folks. It's gonna be fun in the sun with your favorite club.
      Here are some meeting details below....
      Hatfield Marine Science Center  - Visitor Center
      2030 SE Marine Science Drive 
      Newport, Oregon 97365-5296

      We suggest arriving at 10:30 AM since the actual demonstration will begin at 11:00AM. Come on out and take a look at the operations and educational facilities at HMSC.
    • By badxgillen
      Yesterdays June Meeting BBQ was another awesome event!
      Such a good venue and turn out of people, the sponsors of our club are such gracious hosts and Garett is no exception. There was lots of fish, corals, and inverts stocked up and conveniently a very enticing deal of buy 2 get one free on all livestock making it difficult to leave without a new addition to the tanks. I mean, make a trip out of town so might as well snag something while your there am I right!?
      Anyhow, for those of you who did not attend the June meeting out at The Premium Aquarium out in Salem here is a little recap of some of the good times had yesterday and some pictures to go with them...We wished you were here. 
      Garett had the TPA crew in Full Effect! Everyone of his team was busy bagging and tagging or ringing out keeping up with the pace.

      All while keeping a cool and collected demeanor, Sometimes it looks like you all are actually having fun at work!? I am going to tell the owner next time I see him. But really, your good attitudes make it a much better atmosphere to shop in.

       You all are great at your jobs, keep up the good work and we will all keep coming back. Corals and tanks were looking pretty spot on, seeing some nice growth in a couple of the aquariums since i had last visited. And the rimless systems are Sleek!

      Need a little Acro love? This is such a nice display, lookin good my friends.

      Lookin goooood.
      After being greeted by the TPA staff some of the first faces I see are some old familiar friends.

      Loooks like some of the Washington crew made it South to hang with some of us Oregonians. Stylaster and Gumby here in the front but you probably already knew that. Very cool cats who have a definite coral growing thumb. I apologize for not catching the name of the gentleman in the back but he was also from up north and had commented about how nice this Salem store was, so we were certainly in agreement.

      Paratore here bringing some pretty interesting shroomage for the impromtu frag swap. Sorry I didn't bring anything to trade man, I was originally not going to come but the night before I made peace with my inner aquarium demons and agreed with them to go to the meeting. Next time my man.

      Sasquatch! Thank you So much for the gorgonian, It was more like a colony than a frag. It is in my acclimation tank but it will most likely end up with the seahorses. You Da Man! Hit me up for some zoa goodness anytime my friend.

      One of our newest Board member additions Albertareef and his wife drove from Portland. Good to see you two again, for some reason I thought you lived in Washington but now that I know you are a little closer maybe we can find some time one day to actually get out to one another's houses. I live another 40 minutes from where this meeting was so not Too far from you.
      A few steps further in I see Kassah, checking out the coral colonies. long time no see man, glad you made it to the meeting, sorry I got wrapped up in the crowd of people and didn't make rounds your way. Maybe next month at the Marine Hatfield Science Center Tour?

      Highschool Reefer looking for that single jewel to catch the eye and then swoop it up. Sounds like your tank is coming along just fine, maybe sometime we can do a trade or two. I have some hammers and frog spawns that could be trimmed a little. No torches right now though, my other Euphyllia took my Glabrescens down.

      Exodus was another person I don't get to see at a meeting too often but here he is, another person who is on the steady path to a killer system. Sounded to me like it was about time for an impressive upgrade. In the works I know, but still, it sounds like it will be a nice system with a killer sump and equipment. Hit me up if you need a hand with something yeah.

      Kireek and KKnight here chatting reef no doubt. I saw a nice chalice and lobo you snagged Kireek but didn't see KKnight's loot, I bet both of your tanks are too full for more coral but we always find room for just one more frag right? Happy you were able to make it, the more good folks out the better.

      SharkLover and DarkAngel, very nice to meet you two. Looking forward to seeing what you end up making in your custom acrylic tank in tank. I mean Who doesn't like seeing corals and sharks...Maybe you can work that snowflake in there somehow too.

      ReeferMadness and his wife Dominique looking for some eye candy for their tanks at home, you don't have to look far here. I kinda want one of those electric flame scallops for our seahorse tank now too. I mean I we are already feeding the horses so why not?

      I loved this picture of TPA owner Garett sharing some of his vast experience and knowledge with a new customer and Jim on the right just grinning about a different subject going on in one of the other many friendly reefer conversations going around at the same time. There was just the right atmosphere and the right people to make a recipe for social success! Love it!

      Kim and Serena where most of the muscle and legwork on this meeting so I have to give a big shout out to these two! You two girls Rock! Your quite the team, we all appreciate it very much. I am going to see about getting y'all a raise, I you don't get payed enough

      Everybody really enjoyed the food and accommodations, for a hot day everything worked out really well. That Serena could open a catering business Easy!

      Emerald getting some tickets to throw down on some prizes...Wait a minute!? Tickets?

      OH SHOOT!!! I think its Raffle Time Already!