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Dying corals need help

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I've had my 28 nano running for 8 months now and have added many corals over the months. Some of the original corals are starting to show skeleton. I've been injured and forced to stay off my feet, so haven't been able to get in and get my water tested lately or be as meticulous with keeping space for corals in my tank. I think my 3 LPS might be just need more tank space and better circulation to thrive. 

Should I just try and figure out my water specs or shall I let them go to a nice home?

A few weeks ago the candy cane coral was in great shape with 30-40 heads. They are all still there, but won't last that much longer. 

I have a red coral, not sure what it's called. Looks similar to a lobo. It's probably 5" across. 

The unknown green cone coral is probably 5" across also. Started showing some skeleton on the very bottom a couple days ago. 

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Check water parametrs first. Spec cal,alk phosphate snd nitrates. What is your salinty level and tank temp as well? when was your last water change?

all of these will help in diagnosing your issues 

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The guy I bought the tank from 8 months ago didn't do water changes, just topped off with RODI water. I've been doing the same. I've only changed out 10% of the water with new saltwater from the store one time so far. The tank has been quite stable until the last few weeks or month maybe.

I'll get my water tested today. I keep my salinity at 1.025 regularly. My bigger concerns for water could also be:

Lack of proper water flow. I have a pump on each side of aquarium and a control to alternate between them, but stopped running both, as one was too powerful and was blowing corals off the rocks. I want to trade the pump out for a smaller one if anyone is interested.

Temperature fluctuation. I have AC in the house, but I can't get consistent air temps, so aquarium dips between 76-79. I'm hoping to buy a used chiller for cheap soon to fix that issue.

Finally, I think my corals are just too crowded. They are starting to touch others.


All this being said, is there anyone out there who would want these corals before they become a lost cause? I would consider trading for some equipment or some smaller corals or possibly fish. I would love to upgrade to a bigger tank, but can't due to living situation. If I am ever able to have more reef room I would love to get some back some day. I would consider a reef babysitter if such a thing exists. If they are in fact past the point of survival, I wouldn't expect anyone to have to pay or trade for them.

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