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Full 75 gallon system, PARTING OUT

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So after moving in to my house I have decided that a reef tank isn't on my priorities, so everything must go.  I'm open to non-reef related trades.  PM me for phone number. I live in Cornelius. Here is the original build thread for some pictures


Included in the system are:

75 gallon Marineland tank and black stand (No scratches that I can find, but there is quite a bit of coraline on it that I won't have time to clean for a couple weeks, so it will need cleaned) $150 Including items noted as "Free With Tank"

2 AI Hydra 52's $500

BRS 4 stage value plus RO/DI (comes with 32 gallon brute trash can for water storage, as mentioned, you'll need the adapter to hook this up) $100

2 Jebao RW-8 $60

Eshopps PF-1000 overflow (could use a cleaning) Free with Tank

Custom 20L sump (3 chambers, first fits the curve 7 skimmer and the drain pipes, second was a fuge/reactor chamber, third is the return) Free with Tank

Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer $120

2 BRS 1.1mL/min dosers (comes with some leftover 2 part powders) $80

Quiet one 2200 return pump Free with Tank

2 150 W Aqueon heater $10

1 300 W Aqueon heater $10

BRS reactor $10

Cobalt MJ 1200 pump Free with $100 purchase

A couple of maxijets Free with $100 purchase

A lot of dry rock (could use a cleaning) Free with tank

Home Depot refugium light fixture Free with purchase

Half a bucket of RedSea salt Free with $100 purchase

Refractometer $10

RedSea test kits Free with Purchase

Auto-feeder and magnetic feeder ring $20

5.5 gallon auto top-off tank Free with Tank

Strontium supplement Free with Purchse

Thanks for looking,


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Interested to know pricing on RW8s and the Apex. The site says you cannot receive PMs, can you send?

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Hey Bubbarockies - someone happened to post a status update to your profile that indicated they were interested in the whole system.  Not sure exactly how that happened or if you saw it but thought you might want to know.  This is the text...

Hi there. I'm new to this page and came across your posting for a 75 gl tank for sale. A couple of questions. Is it still available? If so, can we arrange for me to see it? I live in Rock Creek (185th and West Union). I might be interested for the complete set up as you described it. Looking forward to your reply. Cesar

You should be able to see it if you go to your profile but if not, the author was Cgrand56

Sorry to muck up the thread but just happened to see this post in a weird spot and thought you should know.

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I responded to all 3. I am open to parting out at this time. Prices to come in the next couple of days. Shoot me an offer

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Is the tank setup still for sale? I'm upgrading to a 150g and need a new sump, and 75 gallon is about what I'm looking for.

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