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Debating adding a T5

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I'm running LEDs right now but want to add a T5 in the middle of the tank. The issue is I'm limited to 9" bulbs spatially which, in that case, seems like it won't really make all that much difference. I could run a 24" T5 but would also then need to replace my LED lights and I'm not wanting to spend money on all new lighting this soon so for the short term it's really just whether or not a small T5 would be worth it. The only bulbs I can find are Coralife 6W bulbs and the light rack is 14" for the water surface. Worst case, it would be great just to have a bit of light diffusion from the T5 assuming it's not overpowered by the LEDs. It seems like a waste of time to me but what does the hive think?

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I had to like this just for the last sentence alone.

As for the question... not sure I completely follow the proposed light layout as I don't recall you overall tank dimensions. Are you thinking 9" bulbs running lengthwise between led fixtures on a tank with what overall length?  I would question whether you would get a reasonable coverage if the bulbs didn't run at least a significant portion of the overall length but perhaps I'm not understanding what you are proposing... certainly wouldn't be the first time I failed to get it ?

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Tank is 30x30 with 4 16" LED fixtures. Proposed change would be as below. 

 <-LED->           <-LED->

 ^   ^   ^              ^   ^   ^
 |    |    |               |    |    |
 L    L   L              L         L
 E    E   E              E    T   E
 D   D   D             D   5   D
 |    |    |               |    |    |
 v    v   v              v    v   v





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