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Red Sea Nopox and Skimmer

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I plan to start using the full Red Sea Reef Care Program, I started with their A, B, C dosing and purchased the NO3 PO4 - X and the Coral Nutrition today.  I am really hesitant to start with the Nopox because I am so not sure my skimmer is up to par.  I have been going back and forth about getting a new one when I have my appointment at the Barrier Reef sale next week.  Currently I am using a Eshopps Nano, good up to 35g, but my skimmate is pretty weak looking, kinda like strong green tea, and I know it should be gunkier (that's a word right?).  I am running pretty substantial nitrate and phosphates right now, 10 ppm NO3 and 0.16ppm PO4.  I'm using the Red Sea test kits.

Has anyone had experience with the nopox and what kind of increase in skimmate did you see?  I don't want to start it and then be in a panic to have to get a new skimmer.  Should I just bite the bullet and get a higher rated skimmer and wait to start the Nopox until I have broken that in.   

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