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Finnex HOB Refugium - Anyone have experience with it?

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I'd like to have a fuge that I can put chaeto and pods in.  I wanted something small since the tank is just 24g display.  

Has anyone heard of/have experience with the

Finnex External Refugium Breeder Hang-On Box, Water Pump w/ Stingray LED



I have a few about using the HOB.
1.  My tank back is black but will I have issues with the AI Prime light?  I want to do reverse lighting on the fuge, but concerned that it will be too much light from the Prime.
2.  Am wondering if anyone knows how loud this is, my tank is in the family room so noise is a factor watching TV, however we are old and keep the TV at 100 decibels it seems.
Sadly I don't have enough room in the stand to put it on the sump, that would have been ideal.
any input would be greatly appreciated.

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