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Reef madness

Corals for Sale

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Helping a friend Sell some corals locally.  These look healthy and have thrived in his IM tank for a couple of years and he's a great guy to deal with.  Here is his Ad:



If you would like to contact Tom directly, he can be reached at tomallanboyd@gmail.com


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Bump....  All corals now gone but Tom still has some equipment for sale...........See below:

2x BRS 2 Part Dosing Pump SKU 202317.  I new $40. I used $30.

Hydor Smart Level Control $40

Cobalt Neo Therm 31003 75w $ 25

2x Cobalt MJ1200 powerheard/pumps $15ea.

2x Refractometer $15 ea.

BRS 6 Stage Deluxe Water Saver RO/DI system 175 GPD with TDS System.  Custom welded rack and stand.  Pics on request.  <350 total gallons run through it since new.  $200.


Email; tomallanboyd@gmail.com with questions.


All equipment is in excellent condition.


Please send responses directly to his above email.


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