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oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

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    • By Snappy
      I have a 28 gallon nano tank and am struggling to keep it at a consistent temperature inside my house or in the aquarium. What is more economical: buying a chiller for the aquarium, or just keep using the current window air conditioning unit and running up the electricity bill even when I'm gone? Are ice probes an effective way to go? What would I expect to spend on new or used equipment like a chiller?
    • By Sasquatch
      Time to be reborn.
      Starting a new tank at a new apartment.
      This time it's going to be clean and smart.

    • By Reef madness
      Helping a friend Sell some corals locally.  These look healthy and have thrived in his IM tank for a couple of years and he's a great guy to deal with.  Here is his Ad:
      If you would like to contact Tom directly, he can be reached at tomallanboyd@gmail.com
    • By ninkylou
      Got the new tank set up today.  That is work... Tomorrow is going to be a rough day at real work, but I really wanted to get things filled.
      First pics.
      Just got into the house...meant to take the cost sheet off of it...gave the BF sticker shock LOL.

      Lots of hiding places in this rock.  I wish it was a bit taller, but I guess I will just get some top tank swimmers, or add some more at some point.

    • By ninkylou
      It's been a few years since I last posted.  I ended up selling my 72g system back in either late 2011 or early 2012.  I had been travelling with my job and my daughter just didn't want to manage maintenance in my absence.  It was a tough decision, but the right one for me at the time.  I was so afraid the tank would just crash in my absence and  that would have devastated me
      Well its 2017, no more travel, I am about to set up a 24g Aquatop RC24G.  
      Heading out to pick it up at Barrier Reef, here in Renton.  I actually have a JBJ 28g Nano Cube arriving from and online retailer but when I saw this nice rimless setup at the store yesterday, came home and did some research and decided I will send the JBJ back when it arrives.
      Glad to be back.
      Looking forward to devouring the expertise that I have always found with this group.
      Trying to remember...is there a membership fee?  Mine is overdue I bet!! (edit - found the link. Done)