Hi there friends of the big pink hummer!!   I am excited to announce our official plans for the party bus are as follows.....
9:00 AM Meet at Cuttlefish 6363 SE Capitol Hwy 97239 we will all sign waivers, pile in, start with bloody mary's or mimosas..... Arrive at Upscales no later than 10:00 (but probably way sooner)  Have breakfast...shop....more drinks..... 11:00 leave Upscales and arrive at 11:30 to Golden Basket Shop...drink..... 12:30 leave Golden Basket arrive at 1:00 to Cuttlefish Shop....drink....and have Baja Fresh lunch! Below is a list of people who have signed up.  Please Paypal $30 to Paypal@PNWMAS.org and PUT YOUR USERNAME  I have had multiple people ask if they can bring anything, you do not have to, but if you want to then please let me know and I will add it to the list.  Light snacks will be provided  to get us through the morning!!
1.  Rbeyer PAID
2.  Dbeyer PAID
3.  Jorge. PAID
4.  Higher Thinking. PAID 
5.  Mrs. Higher Thinking. PAID 
6.  KKnight  PAID
7.  Miles PAID
8.  Knuckledragger. PAID
9.  Biochemrobyn   PAID
10.  Stylaster PAID
11.  Gil & Fin PAID
12.  Flashy Fins   PAID
13.  Stephen PAID
14.  Bicycle Bill   PAID
15.  Lexinverts  PAID
16.  Badxgillin PAID
17.  Emerald   PAID
18.  Sirena    PAID
19.  Gumby  PAID
1.  Special Guest - Moved up
2. Gumby - Moved up