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Win an mp10wqd at the March Meeting !!!

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Shout out to Jeff at Cuttlefish and coral!!

Jeff knows what it's like to be a hobbyist and without his support this club could not offer you all the high ticket raffle items !!!


Thanks again Jeff!! You rock!!! He also got a new shipment of coral and had some nice things !!


Go to the meeting Mar 18 and you could win this !!!








That's right !! An Mp10wqd that retails at 280 dollars !! If you have an mp10 you will be very happy if you win. These are truly so quiet. I had a regular mp10 in my tank and it used to drive me nuts when the cycle would ramp up. I have 2 of these in my bedroom and I don't hear them at all!!!


More prizes to come ? Can it get any better? Oh yes it can!!!

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