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Back into the adiction

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I've had reef tanks on and off for 15 or so years.


I'm back in small nano size this time.  


We are currently working on a Biocube 14 setup but it's not wet yet.



Nanobox reto plus M light kit

MJ900 return pump

Locline return

Fuval 50w heater

Jeabo PP-4 for flow

20lbs of Carib-sea live sand

10 lbs dry rocks

Chemi-pure media


Currently working on the stand but we plan to get wet soon.


We are in Eugene and would be happy to hear from the locals.





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Welcome to the Club! I believe there are some members from your area not sure on names as I'm still fairly new. Also I think "The fish Store" one of our sponsors is in Eugene!

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First tank back in 2000 was a 55 gal we had in Tacoma.. I ran that for 4 years until it was wiped out by an untested  light timer tripping a GFI outlitet killing power to the tank for a whole week while we were out of town. 

It was brought back online after we moved to Denver and run for 2 years..  I had a 110 90% built out and we found out we had a baby on the way so we parted out everything and sold out.


About little later we picked up a 65gal tank and ran that until 2008 when we moved back to WA.

That was this one






2008 back in WA set got a 55 and ran that for a year until we moved to a house with 50 year old hardwood floors. We were renting and I didn't want to do salt in there.

That was this tank..




The tub on  cans was stocked with macro algae and live rock as a refugum..



Now some may be asking.. Why the big break from 2008 to today? In a word.. A freaking Koi..


I picked up a 65 intending to do salt but the kids talked me into letting them keep some 5 goldfish in it while I gathered equipment.    

One of those Goldfish turned out to be a Koi.. He grew and grew and grew.. After a few years all but the Koi and 1 goldie were still around.. 

When the Koi hit 18" we moved him and friend to a 90.. Then when we moved to Eugene he got an upgrade to a 350 gal stock tank in the back yard.



That brings me to today and my little Biocube project. 




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The Biocube online!   I'm surprised it cleared up so well overnight.

Last night after filling it was a wall of white. 




That little PP-4 is defining the sand scape all on it's own. I may have to dial it back more.

The Nanobox retro kit works great.





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Made it to the fish store today in Springfield. I left a with an electric blue hermit,  3 sexy shrimp and and  5 pack of Nassarius snails.

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