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Hello from the north!

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My name is Nolan and I live in Bellingham, WA. I've been into salt water for about three years now and just upgraded in October from a 55 to a 155 gallon bow front mixed reef with 60 gallon sump/refugium I got off Craigslist. Despite just about everything being DIY (including the tank seals) and my post college shoestring budget, the system is coming along nicely!


I'm excited to meet more local reefers (especially from my neck of the woods) and am always on the lookout for advice, fish and coral swaps!

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Hey Nolan! I've set up a group on facebook called Bellingham Reef Aquarists. We'd love to meet you. There's a group meeting tonight. If you get this quick enough come on down! It's at Rydy's pizzeria on state st at 7pm.

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