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January 2017 Photography Presentation at Holly's

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Well that went really well didn't it,  Holly threw one helluva open house yesterday and I must say it was very impressive. As soon as you walked in the door you were greeted not only by various club members but a beautiful fully stocked and loaded reef aquarium as well. our awesome PNWMAS crew Kim, Sirena, and Holly made sure there was plenty of finger foods including cold cut deli sandwiches, chips, veggies, voodoo donuts, soda, water, and beer...Someone even brought aquarium themed cookies, thank you everyone, delicious!




They also did most of the coordination of the raffle we hold at the meets, thank you gals and thank you sponsors. Always a Hoot to have a chance at winning prizes. Here we had Molokos, Coral Magazine, Upscales, The Premium Aquarium, and The Seahorse Supply, All Great businesses to shop at, I personally have much love for all of these guys.


The guest speaker was Rolekii and the subject matter for the talk was about one of the things he seems to excel at, Photography. i did my best to pay attention to all he had to say as he seemed to really know a thing or two about taking professional aquarium photos,even though he humbly claimed to be an amateur like the rest of us. Because of the deep subject matter and possibly straying too far off topic I will not go into depth as to all the things he covered but I will say it was very informative and I appreciate him taking his time out to put this little presentation together for us all.




The Hostess with the mostess, Gill&Fin! Getting the show on the road and grabbing the houses attention for the photography demonstration.




Soooo did anyone put their newly found camera knowledge to use, I tried to but I know now that I need more practice with the equipment and the programs. Here is some of my attempts while at Holly's house.




Frag tank shot.




Lex and tenderfoot getting an eye full in Holly's reef room. Looks like the tanks are stocked and ready for customers.




In the main tank a Beast Red Capricornus!




There was a full setup frag tank on standby for any one to use for coral trading, always a bonus at meetings.




Miles and Reefer madness getting frags put into the tank before the rest of the crew showed up, good thing too...




because in the end it got pretty busy, definitely a high attendance on this one.




XMas one, Bicyclebill, Grassi, FlashyFins, and Albertareef all in this shot just reef socializing.




Colby made a cameo, good guy to chat with about fish and seahorse ailments or breeding. I will have to come by and chat with you in the shop since I barely said hi while you were at the meet, I got sidetracked with the camera talk.




Ron and Fam, another good guy I was unable to have the opportunity to talk with much. Maybe next time yeah.




JManrow showed up, Long Time No See Man, It was really good seeing you! I hope you can make it out to some more meetings, always fun talking with you when its not so hectic, there is alot going on sometimes.




Robyna came in with some of the other Cuttlefiush and Coral team including the main man Jeff




Jeff here was kind enough to give our PNWMAS club a discount and extended sale on his renown coral selection after the gathering. C&C is always a good place to check out for that prize coral your after. They also are equipped with a very informative staff. I will be seeing you soon my friend.




Lovesalt made the drive, sounds like the tank is coming along rather nicely.




BicycleBill, when this guy shows up the party really gets going. Bill is awesome!




This guys pretty cool too, another generous guy. HigherThinking brought a box of corals to get his trade on with the PNWMAS peoples.




Speaking of trades, youcallmenny came in with cooler in hand to drop of some chalices and Leptoseris. They are some fine looking frags man.




PowderBlue with his daughter, another set of welcome faces to add to the mix. Nice seeing you man.




Daniel! Still digging the lighting, looking forward to swapping out another of my fixtures here in the not too distant future. 




Spectra having a conversation with our secretary Miles..Two more groovy guys.




And then there are the cool cats Andy and Salty Pickle, congratulations on the new job my friend, an exciting move in life for sure.




Flash was in the house! If those blue cloves don't work out for you I will make sure to get some more your way ASAP. If they Do work out for you then make sure to keep them under control via kalkwasser. They are a spreader thats for sure.




Here are some smiling faces, a little out of focus but worth a mention. Vance, Youcallmenny, and Miles gazing into the 300DD Reef aquarium. It brought a smile to my face too.




Mmm Mmm MMmmmmm Yum!


I must give out a HUGE Thank You to Holly for hosting such a large meeting. You did great!!! AND...Thank You to the PNWMAS Team, I know it is a big group effort keeping all these things happening and in order. We all have a great family here don't we!? 


So did any one else go to town with their newly found camera skills and knowledge!? 


Lets see them photos people!!!


Post em up!!!





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Good to see you again! Always fun to flip through three pics from meetings.


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Thanks for taking and sharing the pics Bert! I appreciate seeing who I missed out talking to because I was too distracted with Holly's amazing system ????

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Thanks for the pictures and the frags Bert! The meeting was a blast and the photography discussion was awesome. I definitely learned a few things about my DSLR. Let me know if you'd like to meet up and I'll get you that OME frag!

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Thank you so much for this, Bert!  I know it takes a ton of time putting a thread together with all the pics and commentary.  Like you said...we do have a great crew. I'm so glad everything worked out.  Especially given all the nightmares I had that my tank crashed right before the meeting.  :dejection:


I think you hit all the highlights.  I just want to add a special thank you to you, Miles, Kim, Bret, Andy, and Sirena.  There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes--organization, sponsorships, inventory, fundraising--but it all is so worth it.  And Susie (Lovesalt), thanks again for the cookies.  :icon_bow:






P.S.  The is actually a picture of Bert in the photos.  Can you find it?

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Yes Bert thanks for the pictures. I always look forward to them.

The fish themed cookies were a hit !


Thanks again Holly for opening up your home. Thanks Rolekii for taking the time to do the talk.

Thanks Bret for keeping track of all the funds!

Thanks First Lady Sirena for setting up, making sure the food was being restocked , helping with the raffle and cleaning up.

Thanks Andy for also helping out too.


Like Holly said there is a lot of planning and work to make these things go well and we have a really great group of members and officers!

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Great meeting everyone for sure. I had a great time as i'm sure all in attendance did as well. For having a very limited camera knowledge base i actually learned quite a bit from Rolekii's camera and setting presentation. Great talk!

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It was a great time! So cool to finally see where all that stuff she takes home goes! ????

Thanks everyone for putting it on! The food was awesome and the conversation was even better! ????

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P.S.  The is actually a picture of Bert in the photos.  Can you find it?


I spotted it! ;)  Always nice to see the pictures after meetings with names in the captions b/c it's easy to meet/greet 50 people and get them mixed up afterward. Bert is unintentionally helping us all keep track of who is who.  :laugh:


Thanks to all who make the meetings possible and loads of fun. I love this little club!  :happy:

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