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December 2016 Meeting Pictures

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WOW! That was a pretty impressive December party/meeting yesterday, there was tons of food, plenty to drink,bunches of corals, many a people, and the HUGE Raffle! It Was Big!!!

Like many of you after much preparation and packing of corals, I had a bit of traveling to do before getting to relax with my fellow reefers at the meet. Fortunate for me I was carpooling with the PNWMAS Corvallis Branch Kireek, Miles, and Lexinverts. All avid reefers with good conversation subject matter so the ride was painless.


Right before I left out the front door I had to check my PNWMAS page one more time and saw a couple new messages in the December meeting thread most noticeably this post here that caught my eye...

When I read this post online in the December meeting thread and saw this sign at The Premium Aquarium  I was stoked! I love Garret and the TPA crew!


I decided that it isn't fair for me to go without letting my crew go as well. So, I'm gonna close the shop from 2pm until 4:30pm so that everyone can join in on the fun! We are all excited to see everyone!




I am really happy he is the cool guy he is and made the change in their busy work schedule for some fun with the PNWMAS Club.  




Unfortunately I was a tad bit late on arrival and there was a number of people whom had already arrived. I am very grateful for our killer Board Of Directors and Office members, they had everything setup and ready to go ahead of time.




Raffles were promised and raffles were delivered!!! Look at this line up! Need,More, Tickets...




And the white elephant gift exchange was in full effect! This table had some of the gifts and there were a number still at another table, there were 20+ participants with varying gifts.




We packed the place, banquet room was full, and everyone was having fun.




A very nice venue that was pretty accommodating considering how busy they were. We had 4 tables for our meet discluding the raffle table and the gift exchange table. Very cool.




Kireek, Flashy Fins, KKnight, and Reefermadness saved me a spot at the end of the table, more good company.


So I am thinking I am going to start with the gift exchange and then move through the rest of the pics. Kinda backwards I know but I think it will work out just right here.




What the Hey, Gift exchange it is.




Gill&Fin received a stylish beanie to keep her head warm, VHO Actinic bulbs, and then some. You never know with this game do you?




Flashy Fins found Dori! and some sweet socks, I believe they have found their proper home right here, I have seen some colorful sock on this one.




Kireek with the book that ended up to be a very nice doctor Sues, hide it from the white elephant thieves. I mean "Who" doesn't like the classics?




Speaking of Dori and Nemo look what we have here. YouCallmenny here with a smile...He knows whats up, he knows.




Emerald with some Hikari frozen food packs, the corals and fish are gonna eat well tonight! I have recently been using a decent amount of there product in change over some inferior ones, this one has much less water fouling liquids and particles in the cubes.




IntoTheMystic got a whole lota kisses! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. That will be an upcoming holiday diet for many of us I think. Just take it one Kiss at a time my friend and it will all be good.




Bycicle Bill unwrapped an automatic feeder, it sounded like something he had some extensive experience with and would use a backup...Sadly enough this was stolen from him in very short time, thats the way the White Elephant rolls. Sorry Bill.




Righttirefire had a brief run in with the Captain but his visit with Morgan was short lived, like a thief on the high seas the Captain Moran was snatched from him in no time. What can you do.




Sirena and the remote control angelfish, now you need the clownfish too so you can both get in on the interactive aquarium. The fish and corals will love it, I have been wanting to try one out on my aggresive powder blue but the tang is so dang fast.




Flash21 unwrapping his bottle of Aquavitro Fuel...That I stole very shortly after. I needed more of the stuff man, I hope you understand and there are no hard feelings. My corals thank you.




Bubbarockies left with a motion picture for the after party entertainment, its an interesting one that's for sure. Hope the Captain America works out for you.




Stylaster got a Brick of chocolate bars, there are certainly worse things thats for sure. I have yet to have an issue with having too much good chocolate.




Whoop Whoop!!! She found Nemo! And some stylish reef socks. I wish my kids would do this when they got their shirts and socks...Maybe I need to get ones with octopus, seahorse, and clownfish.


Holly Cap that was Fun!!! But what about those raffles?..






Lets see, I think Holly has that under control here.




I must apologize again for the pictures, there was less "posing" that usual and my angles were not were they should have been. That being said this is what I did capture. Bubbarockies snagging a nice gift certificate to good old Rocky Mountain Frags, there is some choice stuff there thats fir sure.




Miles was excited that he walked home with the generous frag pack donated by Paratore, Cody's Surprise! There was a few nice things in there yeah, Thanks Cody.




Look at the energy in this shot, ecstatic about it, KKnight won one of the Grand Prizes, the duel MP 40s! Talk about an upgrade, glad you have a tank large enough to use em cause they sure make alot of motion in the ocean.


And Say What!?




Once the winning number of the other grand prize Red sea Nano All In One was called people just looked, Cody still gathering himself in disbelief looking at his ticket.




And YES!!! Paratore is the lucky One.


Speaking of Lucky Ones...




This Gyre was won with just the free membership raffle ticket you get from being a payed member. It Pays to to be part of the official crew. I won an MP 10 the same way a few years back.CHEERS to you!


Congratulations too all of you who won at the raffles, there was alot of sponsors pooled into this one as well as some club funds to make this amazing thing happen, and boy did it happen.


Thank You Holly, Jorge, Miles, KKnight, Garret, MattV, TheClark, and Softy. 


A Special Thanks to President Emerald, First Lady Sirena, Treasurer Mr.Bret, they put in a lot of effort into this particular meet and it sure payed off guys and gals. We Appreciate it.


It has been a good year y'all and I am honored to have been working along side a good group of people like this...Thank You. 


And now what say you about even more pictures!?

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Okay, here are some more pictures then...




The place was loaded!!!




Reeftastic and lil fry, glad you could make it out to another meeting, pretty fun yeah?




Ron my man, how you been? Don't worry I won't forget you, I will get you a nice piece of that tri color stag. Things becoming a beast.




There's that TPA crew chillin, I think here we are all just getting ready for that anticipated raffle. And I see you hiding there Dave and Cerk.




Grassi is back again and I didn't get to see how your system is coming along. I hope you come to the next meet and maybe I can catch up with you then.




Paratore came in with some hot zoas up for grabs, you know I got mine.




Moparfan, I feel bad as I caught him during the raffle as well so it was in his best interest to pay attention. I had all my tickets put into a select few and this call was not one of mine so I continued to float around and bug people.




Like youcallmenny and Mark. They got a taste of my more colorful vocabulary and any of you know me very well you know I have alot of four letter words in it. Please excuse my excessive slang, I mean well.




Sirena and Lexinverts, talking about seahorses no doubt. They both have nice seahorse tanks and I am here just stuck with my coral and fish tanks. Its okay, don't cry for me. But seriously, these two have some a couple of sleek tanks you should see some time.




FlashyFins again, if you need any help filling that 20 long let me know and I can throw something your way, although there are some avid reefers in your area too I believe. Good seeing you, until next time yeah.




David rolled through and attended the Salem meet, and who wouldn't? I appreciate you bringing the algae scrubber over, once I get my porch situation finished I will employ it in my systems. Get back to us about how your experience goes with the new scrubber you got when you can. It sounded Nice.




Flash! I will get some pics and start testing in the next day or two and we will see about the snake oil we got here. I love a good test.




KKnight here, helping lead the Tanks For Teachers program. 




Stylaster and Gumby drove over from Washington, two very seasoned reefers. I gotta ship somethings your way my friends. I know you need some chalice sweetness and I have a couple flavors you might like.




A Terrible picture of Vice President Badxgillen , exchanging corals like I do.




Johuapd and Kireek having a in depth conversation, so many like minds in a room and this is what you will get every time.

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OH! And Last but certainly not Least!


Our group picture. The lighting was dim and for some reason I had my camera set to taking aquarium photos but here they are, all the different shots so you can look, laugh,...and cry.









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It was great to see everyone. Thank you everyone who helped to set up and organize the Christmas Party!

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No hard feelings...as I left my white elephant gift at home on the counter (which was the same stuff) so I had to stop my TPA Wilsonville and get a brown paper special.

So I have a bottle sitting at home...


It was great to meet a few local reefers.

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Great pictures as always Bert! I think I can officially say Sirena is so sucked in to this hobby! She was totally geeking out with Andy about seahorses and is now geeking out on her new Red Sea Max nano , a future home for her seahorses !

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Great pics Bert! Thanks to all that made this happen. Always fun to hang out with like minded people



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Thanks for posting the pics, Bert! This was a really fun meeting. It was great seeing everyone again.


Many thanks to the board for their hard work in putting this together. :applause:

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  • Similar Content

    • By badxgillen
      Sorry about the suspense people, after some communication and some coordination with our PNWMAS team, we have some great news!
      The 2019 March meeting will be held at one of our awesome sponsors, Paradise Corals in Hillsboro. Not only is he opening up the floor in his shop for us to come in to meet and greet, but our PNWMAS member WhatTheFrag will be giving a talk and demonstration on reef tank photography! This will be a great time to learn a few thing, aska c ouple questions, and maybe just fine tune some oh those photography skills of yours... I don't know about you, but I know I need all the help I can get.
      Where - Paradise Coral 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
      When - 1:00 Saturday March 30th
      What - Bring your camera if you have one and get a few pointers from some of our photo experienced members...AND, Bring your coolers to keep some corals in cause Mr  Bret has some very nice pieces in his shop.
      This is gonna be another fun one for sure, so save the date and don't miss out on this informative event.
      And as usual, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming shindig.
    • By badxgillen
      Hot Dam!!! The February meeting at PDXMonkeyboys house was a good one, Brian opened up his home to the club for one helluva PNWMAS gathering and Frag Swap. Brian and his wife have a beautiful home, some stellar fish tanks, and made for a knowledgeable and hilarious hosts.

      When I got to see the well thought of aquariums and life support systems I was very impressed, this guy has got his systems pretty dialed in.

      Here I included a picture of his vibrant African Cichlid tank, it was also a well put together biotope that made me reconsider getting back into that part of the hobby again....If I didn't already have south Americans I would be on the Lake Tanganyika fish hunt right now.

      Speaking of those South Americans! Jaggy here was the star fish in his own South American Cichlid tank. I had to squeeze a picture of this guy in because he had so  much character. That's what I love about those cichlids, so much personality there.

      Speaking of personalities, here we have the host with the most, PDXMonkeyboy. So kind of you to have us all over, and thank yo so much for the frags! From what I heard you were cutting club members killer deals left and right just sharing the love. Not to mention you had quite a bit of insight on the salt water hobby.

      A shout out to our own OptimusPrime, this guy is a hoot! I am hoping next time I head north I can stop by your pad to say whats up, hang out, and see your setup man. You know I am always down to talk reef.

      And now look who we have here. Left we have  BicycleBil, middle is Mark, and to the right enjoying the front row aquarium view is Albertareef. All these guys are seasoned and experienced reefers who are great to have a chat with and make for good company.

      In this picture we have starting clockwise from the left is, Gill&Fin talking with Willapa, PDXMonkeyboy, and SunCrestReef. Another circle of intelligent reef minded peoples, so many good conversations and so little time.

      This time we will start counter clock wise and go from Brian on the far right, middle is MarvkV again, center left is Our ex Prez Stylaster, and the far left is one of our BOD members Lewisfisherman.

      And we can't forget about another of our outstanding BOD Members Gumby center. A few folks made their way down from Washington for the event which I think is very cool,  I know all about making a long drive just to hang out with other fellow hobbyist..Let me tell you, these two guys are worth a drive to hang out with.

      Gill&Fin and DarkAngel enjoying the meet and greet atmosphere, it is nice to see so many smiling friendly faces here. Scenes like this become almost contagious.

      Sharklover made an appearance as well, sounds like I need to head your way when I am in that neck of the woods again. Always seems like you have a cool project going on and I want to hear more about it.
      Meanwhile, in the basement....

      Just look at this setup for his sump area! It is located bellow his display tank upstairs. Everything is in its right place and easily accessible. So Jealous of this efficient setup. I will have to take some notes for sure.

      And his frag tank...It was packed full of healthy colorful corals and I could't leave without snagging a couple frags to take home. Thank You sir may I have another!?

      Jeff from Cuttlefish and Corals on the left and Lewisfisherman on the right of the massive RODI and water mixing station.

      Snappy having a good time and picking up some nice coral frags. Thanks for the TFT purchases man, everything helps.

      Now here is a group of happy faces getting their frag on! Going clockwise again from far left we have our PNWMAS treasurer Jeremevans, BOD Albertareef, Brian, Willapa, BicycleBil, PDXMonkeyboy, and ZorroReef.

      In addition to the frag tank that PDXMonkeyboy had in his basement, he was kind enough to let the club use his coral QT for a Tanks For Teachers sale. We took donations from myself and other fellow hobbyists and sold them for proceeds to the TFT program! We pulled in a nice chunk of change thanks to the participants, you know who you are and we love you all. And we still have a number of pieces that we can work into a future TFT sale for sure.
      Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of those responsible for making the event a complete success!
      PDXMonkeyboy for being such a fantastic host and being generous with his time, corals, and knowledge.
      Our outstanding PNWMAS Board of Directors and Officers who work behind the scenes to bring you the forum and events that make us the reefing presence that we are.
      and lastly but not leastly, our PNWMAS club members as a whole...To whom without, there would not be the same local camaraderie that we get from sharing this group. 
      Thank You All!!!
      Reef On!!!
      And PS, I was all over the place and was unable to get photos of everyone so all apologies if I missed your shot in the thread. If anyone has some pics to add to the this one that would be great. There was a good crowd for sure.
    • By badxgillen
      Where does the time go? It is February already, and that means there is another upcoming PNWMAS meet. This time we have something special for you, our comedic and ingenuitive member PDXMonkeyboy has been gracious enough to host a full blown frag swap at his home in Portland Oregon! In addition to the free for all coral exchanging we will have a tank onsite to float frags and a coral sale to benefit the Tanks For Teachers program.
      This means there will be corals of all sorts, from all over, at one place! for trade, for sale, and even maybe just for free if you get that winning raffle ticket. This also means you all might want to get ready for the event by seeing what you may have to offer up and what you may be looking for to fill that empty spot in your home aquarium. I will post up one of those ever so popular Frag Trading threads here
      so we can keep this thread to our regular banter and various updates as they come through.
      When- February 24th 1:00 PM.
      Where- Portland Oregon 917 SW palatine street
      Parking:  There is a long looping driveway and a parking area next to the house.  You can park in the street or anywhere in the driveway.  There will likely just be shuffling when its time to go.
      Our PNWMAS club will provide some refreshments and some delectable local pizza for those who attend.  

      So get those frag racks out and filled up then stay tuned, this is gonna be a good one!
    • By badxgillen
      The first meet of the year of 2019 was held a the Upscales Saltwater and Reptile pet store located in Tualatin Oregon, and boy was it a riot!!!
      It had been about a year since I was last in the Upscales store and things were looking better than ever! A new back coral system that I had yet to see was full of colorful goodies, and the rest of the store was just as awesome as I always remember it. Cool corals and vibrant fish tucked into every corner of the shop, YES!
      Not just frags here in this shop but many many colonies as well. I have made a few great purchases from this store by just simply sharing the costs and breaking a colony apart. Win Win in my book right there. In fact were talking a little about an Upscales Grow Out in the future perhaps, no shortage of jewels here.

      Everything was so crisp and clean, I was certainly impressed, as usual. So many corals and so little space, love how the corals each get their own little bungalows.

      I couldn't help myself but to walk away with some killer coral, JeremEvans and I went in on a colony of a gold Millipora and a go at the Echinata Acropora.

      Travis packing up some goodies on the right here and Kelly Limpit getting the merchandise. The Upscales team was outstanding at their job and never skipped a beat of fish netting and coral bagging fun. And believe me, there was a ton of fun.

      As you can guess it didn't take long for the socializing to get started and the party to get lively. I have to point out again how organized and clean the facility was, open isles and stocked shelves were very nice. I could look at corals and dry goods all while being in a conversation with my peers.

      In this pic we have far left Jeremevans our club treasurer, middle- LewisFisherman from our Board Of Directors, and right-Gumby also one of our outstanding B.O.D. Jim here always has something interesting to talk about and once again this meeting is no exception. A little coral chat with the boys I see. I will see about setting aside a couple frags of those Acros I was talking about and we will see if they color up some more. Gotta Share the Love.

      Youcallmeny and his daughter sitting in the full blown 20,000 Kelvin and actinics blaring out of the surounding reef tanks. Youcallmeny is another one of our awesome PNWMAS Board Of Directors helping behind the scenes when he can.
      A change of the blue actinics to back outside. Here we have ZorroReef with a few primo mushroom frags. You got me sold on looking into some of the finer shroom specimens. Now I have to save my money or break my piggy bank, for soft corals those can get pretty spendy man. And I though my Acros were costly.

      One of the highlights of this meeting was that SuncrestReef here brought his microscope along with n attachment meant for holding a cell phone. This meant that you could take pictures and or video of the subjects very easily. This here is a copepod being put on the glass and under the scope.

      As you can see the system worked flawlessly, the quality was very good, and allowed fro some amazing shots.

      Here is the tip claw of one of the legs, our microcosm is so fascinating. I might lose a lot of my free time in a microscope unit like this if I had one, it would be like my own nature show right in my home living room.

      Thank You so much for bringing this in and letting us all get a glimpse of the miniature world in the reef tanks we all own. I imagine we would be interested in another future demonstration if you would be willing Suncrestreef.

      Trailerman about to take advantage of that old Upscales SPS frag special. I used to hit up this section first, but over time I developed a different route to take before hitting the Acroporas and other SPS up for grabs. Don't want to blow it all before you know what is there.

      Natedawg left appearing to be jealous of the old school PNWMAS T-Shirt he doesn't have and can no longer get. Just kidding around here, kind of. Laughing about it is the very stylish Walt!...Which reminds me, we need some of those new shirts and cards for our upcoming annual Frag Fest.

      Vance and his daughter up taking the serene view of all the beautiful corals, there is a lot to take in so I see why two sets of eyes are better than one.
      Once raffle time comes up people get serious...Okay, not serious, maybe a little goofy actually.

      Get Your Tickets!!! BicycleBill sharing his contagious smile with everyone else in the room. One of the old school reefers that has always been generous to his fellow hobbyist. Like I said, I will get a couple other Acroporas cut for you and we will see how they do in different aquariums systems. Developing colors in ocean specimens is always exciting.

      The professional rafflers here, FlashyFins and ALbertareef, top notch officers on our PNWMAS club. They both pull more weight behind the scenes than most of us will ever know, thanks you two, we appreciate it...
      And now to commence in some winning pictures.

      PDXMonkeyboy wins the Seachem Gift pack with a variety of cool products. I had my eye on that and threw a couple tickets in but as they say, to the victor goes the spoils. PDXMonkeyboy and OptimusPrime here would make great sales reps for any form of goods, just look at the genuine excitement and satisfaction. Both of you two are hilarious. Far right here we have Gill&Fin trying to stay out of the camera shutter, Gotcha!

      Speaking of OptimusPrime, he had a winning ticket for the mini Aquatic Life R.O. system. Those are so compact I love it, my home unit takes up a huge portion of a wall and I hate it.

      Willapa winning the Gyre pumps!.. That's right, both of the pumps were won by Wilapa in the raffles fair and square. But being an amazing sport, he passed off the other Gyre back into the prize lot for another name to be drawn for the win. What a stand up guy, if you want a frag or two from my tank I can make that happen no problem, thanks for doing that man.

      And here we have Flashyfins, right, handing off the generously re-prized Gyre to BOD LewisFisherman. Flashyfins is also our new Tanks For Teachers coordinator so be sure to give her a round of applause.
      All in all, as usual, it was a wonderful time. Got to meet some new folks, got to chat with some of the old crew, and snagged me some nice corals from one of my favorite reefer shops, Upscales.
      Thank you all for helping make this happen, thank you all at Upscales for hosting, and thank you all for attending and making this a fun and productive meeting. Definitely a success!
      Like I always say, our club PNWMAS ROCKS!!!

      Reef on everyone!
    • By badxgillen
      Happy New Year!!!
      To kick things off in 2019 we are going to be taking a trip to one of the most old school salt water shops around, Upscales.

      Known for their killer salt water fish, amazing corals, and exotic reptiles, Upscales has a little something for everyone. Join us at the end of the month for a meet and greet at one of our oldest sponsors to get your reef on. I still have my Oregon Tort and my Upscales Microlados but I am sure Travis and his crew will have a plethora of other must have corals in stock that I will be tempted to walk away with, gotta hit up those buy one get another coral half off deals. And they always have nice clams and anemones to choose from as well.
      Here are the basic details below.
      Time---Sunday January the 27th at 1:00PM
      Address---19295 SW Martinazzi Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062
      Stay tuned for updates on the event as they roll in, there is always something brewing here in the PNWMAS club.
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