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Tank Pictures and Video

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Worked from home today cause of the weather.  Had some time to take a video and pictures with a new phone i got.  Still too blue but better than the last phone.  First picture below is actually a video, click on it and it should take you to flickr and you can watch it there.  hopefully it works.   


http://31517245745_4e5bd44f11_b.jpgVID_20161208_140845 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31517269825_226e57ac7c_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141435 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31401758781_4a7b85db2c_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141426 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31146091680_3b9b147fc2_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141412 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31146095490_9b9f69e77a_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141359 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31401768701_76c5e27952_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141358 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31401743181_d66ea7a0c2_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141616 by kilmca, on Flickr


http://31517266925_39be2f6181_b.jpgIMG_20161208_141459 by kilmca, on Flickr



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Does that filefish eat aptasia?


previous owner said it does but i don't have any so i'm not sure.  he gave it to me when i was getting a couple other things from him when he was tearing down his tank.  great fish cause it eats pellets, flake and frozen.  

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Can I borrow him for a bit Calvin?


i'd rather not mess with catching it and then reintroducing it into the tank.  plus having to put the fish through 8 weeks of quarantine again.    


cool.. nice fish selections!


thanks!  the selection is a little different than what i've done in the past.  i really like the large wrasses even though i can't have any hermits or shrimp and they are annoying cause they have the tendency to move corals that aren't glued down. 


I believe it's a 400 gallon. It's much nicer in person!


thanks, yeah it's 400g.

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I was kidding Calvin. Guess that doesn't come through on the Internet.


actually i had 2 other people PM me about that fish asking if they could borrow or buy it.  i thought you might be kidding but wasn't sure.  


Your tank looks great as always.



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