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New Derasa clam and a hilarious clam story!

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So my Maxima hit its 1 month mark yesterday and is looking great. So I went to Petco with a buddy to get some dog food and saw that they had just gotten a Derasa clam. They have 1 white and 1 blue t8 light and I knew it wouldn't be enough. I went back the next day and they didn't even have the lights on. "We got a new coral shipment and didn't want to stress it so we left the lights off." Anyways, I got the clam cuz I couldn't see letting it die. I had some rewards points built up so I got the clam for $45 I'm pretty excited and this morning it looked pretty happy. It's mouth wasn't open much but I'm sure it's still a little stressed being that it was just shipped then brought to another tank.

Funny story: my friends tank is crashing due to him overloading it with livestock. He a had a aptasia eating filefish that had the coolest personality (but looking back, I'm sure he was the problem as to my friends zoas dying) anyway, I brought this fish home and stuck him in my 20L and he seemed to love it. About 30 minutes later my dad shows up to say hi and I went to show him the clam and noticed the filefish had his nose pinched in the clam and was upside down. I freaked out and called Jodi from TECO and he said you're going to have to pull the fish out. So I did. Took about 5-7 pounds of force at least. I felt so bad for the filefish but that's life in the ocean. I stuck him in my hospital tank and fed him and he immediately ate pellets. I traded him to Jodi for a zoa frag. The clam has a clear bite mark but seems to be just fine. c4e3e6b6702cf372b4008ab87eb60aa6.jpgd0a395e2aff534de8b0cb0b91aedf179.jpg



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No pics of him stuck?

No, I went to pull him out then thought I should take a pic but my hands were already wet and I couldn't get my phone to get to the camera app. Plus I felt bad that I wasn't hurrying to rescue him so I stopped and saved them from each other.

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