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Calcium reactor

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I decided to go bigger with my calcium reactor to avoid refilling it so often. Can't believe how much these things cost! They're literally just slightly modified media reactors. So I bought an Avast Marine MR16 media reactor kit and built it up myself. Then created the feed tree with co2 Inlet, feed pump I let, feed pump outlet, and ph probe port. Super simple, and really fun too! bf5cd6c59efdaf6a124d0c390252887e.jpg722ec93cf6bfa2df74a2d9ba357d5e34.jpg1fcaac3f4562cf57328b838305deafc3.jpga0cf4f0a0692149baedbaefff747c62e.jpg



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You did a phenomenal job designing that and have a great understanding of calcium reactors. Would you say it was roughly half the cost of a commercial one that size?

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