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Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

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Thought I might throw in an updated stocking list since it's been a while...

Marine beta (Alphie)

Desjardins tang (Saily)

Magnificent/metallic fox face (new addition)

Pink margin fairy wrasse (Mr. Pink)

Ruby-headed fairy wrasse (rescued from overflow twice now)

Blue star leopard (Larry)

Green Coris wrasse

Melanarus wrasse

"Peacock" flasher wrasse (undetermined species, another newbie)

Red possum wrasse ("little swimmer")

Fang blennie (thanks Cherany!)

Pearlescent jawfish

Diamond Goby  (Neil)

Starry blend (Stella)

Assorted inverts including cleaner and peppermint shrimp, emerald and hermit crabs, conchs, sand-sifting star, sea cucumbers and snails.

and yes... I like my wrasses!


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1 hour ago, xmas_one said:

 Very nice, one of my favorite tanks in the club!

Thanks xmas!  That is high praise.  Now that things are maturing, I think I need to rebalance some colors/shapes on the coral but overall have been pretty happy with the design of the tank/sump/stand/rockwork etc. from the start.  I am trying to figure out a good light hanging strategy with some tank/stand mounted brackets to clean that up but haven't gotten that together yet.  Can't hang from the ceiling or wall so needs to come off the back of the stand and I don't have much clearance.  Guess if that is my only major sore point then I shouldn't complain :D

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