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Sponsor Spotlight - Marineland

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Our next Sponsor Spotlight is on Marineland!




Tell us about Marineland's history.


Marineland® brand’s history is a story of innovation with two unique beginnings. The first opens with the founder of the company, a Cleveland entrepreneur and businessman, who manufactured high-end lobster tanks for restaurants and grocery stores. His aquatic tanks included innovative filter technology and other features that made his tanks superior to competitive models. Sales climbed, the business grew, and soon began expanding west.


In 1968, the founder purchased Aquarium Stock Company, a Los Angeles retailer. As an avid collector and breeder of tropical fish since childhood, he saw the potential in the large store as well as the U.S. pet industry, and brought his unique brand of innovation to the endeavor. The founder installed a state-of-the-art marine room that featured a modular design and a special filtration system based on the latest science. During the first full year of operation, sales at the store tripled. Additionally, public aquarium curators from across the country came to study the practices of this team of craftsmen, plastic experts and aquatic scientists. One interested party was Marineland of the Pacific, an oceanarium that had been operating in Palos Verdes, California, since 1954. Marineland of the Pacific was the true pioneer of the oceanarium industry and, as the largest marine park of its day, brought a vast menagerie of deep sea fish and animals before an eager public. Whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions entertained amazed audiences, while strange sea creatures from far-away oceans inspired awe and wonder. The second unique beginning was in 1970 when Marineland of the Pacific wanted to bring its knowledge of aquarium science and marine biology to consumers. It partnered with Aquarium Stock Company, which was at the time incorporated as Aquaria, Inc., to develop and market a line of filters, bubble wands and backgrounds that would be known as Marineland Aquarium Products. Those early products were based on the leading science of the time and featured innovations never before seen outside of oceanariums and academic institutions. Serious hobbyists quickly embraced Marineland Aquarium Products as the company that truly understood both the art and science of fishkeeping. Eventually, Marineland of the Pacific and Marineland Aquarium Products dissolved their partnership so each could focus on its core strength.


What sets Marineland apart?


For Marineland Aquarium Products, that strength was defining the leading edge of new product development and delivering superior customer service. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, culminating with the introduction of the revolutionary BIO-Wheel, Marineland® brand expanded its product line, attracted new customers and continued to live up to its reputation as the company dedicated to advancing aquatic science so hobbyists and beginners alike could enjoy a successful and satisfying fishkeeping experience.


Tell us about some new products you're particularly proud of.


Today, that spirit of innovation is alive and well at Marineland® brand. You can find it in products such as the MagniFlow® line of canister filters http://www.marinelan.../magniflow.aspxand the recent all new Magnum Polishing Internal Filter http://tinyurl.com/jpucwtw. So whatever your passion — fresh or saltwater, big or small — count on Marineland® brand to bring you some of the highest quality and some of the most reliable and most technically advanced aquariums and accessories on the market.



For more information on Marineland:

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