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HVAC advice?

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looking to have my oil furnace from 1948 replaced with an electric furnace backing up a heat pump.  i'd go natural gas but don't have access to it where i live.  contractors are giving me estimates on a coleman CH16B3621 and a goodman DSZC16.  i believe there are some hvac contractors on here and i was wondering about manufacturer reliability and customer service?  any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I used goodman before and they have good warranty and good customer service.


well that's good to hear cause i have read the opposite online.  the one hvac guy i know, unfortunately retired, said they used to be unreliable but recently have improved their quality.  


I would go with the Goodman i have installed both and definitely prefer the Goodman.


i will say both models have a 10 year parts warranty and limited lifetime compressor warranty.  i'm guessing there is something in the fine print that make that a useless warranty past the 10 year mark.


thanks for the input guys!.  

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