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Share the love - Anyone want lights?

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This isn't for everyone but there are a select few that this might interest.


Dual 250w DE MH with PFO ballast.

Lights are in a DYI style enclosure that is easy to mount in a canopy.

Lights are also free floating meaning you can move them closer together or further apart depending on tank.

Design can be applied to larger unit.

Bulbs only have a couple months of usage.


Absolutely free. A simple "I'm in" will suffice.


I don't know how much interest there will be here so I guess it will depend on that but basically if it's only 2 people I will flip a coin....first to post is "heads", 12 or less and I will role a pair of dice (post number will determine entry number minus 1. So first post after this would be "1", anything more than 12 and I will use a random number generator.


I don't have pic's. This is a DYI style configuration, doesn't look terrible, just isn't like an ATI system either. Ballast is about as dependable as they get.


Winner determined on Sunday between 5 and 6....say 6. But if the thread is stagnant it might be 5.

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