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Crab - friend or foe?

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Found while moving some rock around, was fortunate enough to snag and detain him. Should I keep him or toss him?



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Take it outside a kill it with a .45  :tongue:


Don't know the i.d but i hate crabs

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      Got a nice one of this little guy tonight. 

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      These Hitchhikers can be nice color for the tank, or ones with a lot of free rocks to fill.
      They are green with pink tips and I've had ones grow kinda big. 2.5" Easy to remove or squish if bothering corals.
      I'm hoping to trade for other Hitchhikers.
      Got any stomatellas? Tiny snails? Brittle stars? Or cloves? Even some Zoas would be awesome.
      But I've got two if you want both or just one will split.