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September POTM - Open .... no Theme!!

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The rules are pretty simple!


• One photo entry per person

• Pic has to be taken by YOU

• Must be in by the posted deadline

• Must follow subject guidelines for the month


Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline.   


This months subject:


Open - Whatever coral/fish/tank shot you want to use


Show me some great shots of your tank.  Whether it's a coral, fish, whole tank....  heck even a creative sump shot can be nice!!!






September 30th, 2016  @ 10pm  PST


Voting will start on October 1st and run for 2 weeks.  Winner is determined by PNWMAS members and visitors via voting poll.



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Emerald, excuse my noobness but what is that awesome coral at the top of your tank?


The one that looks like a tree

This is an old picture. its a sunset Montipora just a big chunk of it.

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