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Hi Im Mike, been lurking for awhile. I am very new to the hobby but I've done lots of research. I have a pair of clownfish (A Snowflake, and a mocha misbar) and a few corals. 2 Frogspawns, a 3-head duncan (growing about 5 more heads as I type), 7 different zoanthid colonies, a small GSP colony, a few mushrooms, and some clove polyps.


Some of these are from the ORE event last month. ORE was amazing. Anyways, I look forward to getting to know the people of PNWMAS.

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Hey Mike welcome ! ORE was a great time ! Hope to see you at a meeting. We will be auctioning and raffling off some of the corals left over at the meeting August 21.


Glad you decided to post.????

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