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Auction of a High End Acropora Frag Pack for TFT

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Tom or anyone please just bid $301

ehhh, if you reverted, I will take it for $299 :-).  $1 for my tomorrow Macdonald am coffee :-)

Edited by caolewis

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Way to go Troy!!! Congrats !! Thanks again to all who donated to this good cause and for Brian and Goldenbasker for their bonus frags!!

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That went very well, the schools benefiting from Tanks For Teachers can use all the  donations they can get, especially sizable ones like this.


Thank You all who donated corals and to all who made bids. Awesome people!

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    • By Taylorhardy1
      The teal frags are sold, but I could make a few more if anyone is interested. The green stag is still available for $10, and the green and purple tipped tort for $15. Looks like a miyagi tort but a deeper green. 

    • By ChevApache58
      I have a nice sized red planet frag for sale. It's been growing like craZy, shooting out all over the place. Looking to get $50 for it or trade for other corals/power heads. This thing has been growing and growing since the original post, I'll add some updated pics tomorrow but it's looking really good and getting big! 

      Mother Colony!

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      New here so I guess I cant post classifieds. I am moving out of state and need to pass on my SPS tank.
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      I am open to all ideas. Thank you
      Corey M.

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      I have a few things for sale right now in my tank.  Prices are listed on the photos, hopefully they can be seen when you click on the photo or view in gallery.  I am located in Keizer, PM me for texting.
      Blue digi's
      Small green monticap