The goal was to make room, clean out the area, build out the reef room (Thanks Gil&Fin for the proper name).     Fell short on goal 1, make room.     I was too impatient to sell the boat off first.  The first step in making room.   It's a nice but older 18' sled with Yamaha 115 4 stroke jet, ~100 hours.  Just had all the maintenance done, runs like a dream, kind of sad to sell.  Needs to be painted though, it has seen allot of years.   Paint?  Ah... that can wait, lets move some reef stuff into the garage!   Result?  RODI, Kalk and TopOff are all setup in a small uncluttered corner.     All controlled by an APEX EB8 with 150' cord (need to write this up, very easy to do).   Topoff runs with a big peristaltic pump (30 bucks or so...) up to the second floor office.     Same with Kalk feed, although kalk reactor is also in the garage.     Amazing the sheer volume of stuff just for ATO/Kalk/RODI.  Tubing and wires galore.  Need to get the label maker out.  Once I finalize the pipes and wiring, will take pics.   Sometimes I wonder how all that stuff fit under the sump!!??     Who else has a reef room separate from their tank?  Let's see em please!
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