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29g Peninsula tank getting pack into it

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The Green Star Polyps just tend to get rather dominant once they begin their spread. It becomes very difficult to remove them from the larger rocks once they have matted there and they can often irritate any corals they touch. It was a recommendation I suppose, they can grow rampant left unchecked, hence the island or peninsula. Some people would disagree but I feel that in an SPS tank the star polyps should be left off the main rock work or there may be repercussion further down the road.

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ok, it's been a while, the lights are on a timer, JBJ ATO running the aqualifter routinely.  I just upgraded my topup water from a 1g carboy to a ~9g acrylic tank, so I don't have to fill it as often.  I've been dropping in a little (really old) marine hipro I have laying around that the yellow goby seems to enjoy well enough.  I haven't done a water change, nor tested chemistry in months (6? 8?  not sure).  but the hermits and fish seemed happy and with minimal feeding (a crumb or two 2-3 times per week) of one fish, I figured I was ok.  I have had no luck getting snails to survive though... plenty of green algae (film on the glass and some GHA and more calciferous stuff on the rock), but no snail has made it past 2-3 weeks, I've tried 8 or 10 in 3 different batches.


Anyways, I prepped about 9 gallons of water (Kent salt) this weekend, tested No3, PO4, Ca, and KH on both the tank water and the new water before I started the change, both had high hardness (8, 10 respectively) and Ca right about 500 in the tank, about 540 in the new water, both were non-detect for PO4 and NO3 (no surprise with the low feeding, though I wouldn't have been surprised if the snails added to the ammonia cycle).  Mg wasn't tested since the Ca and KH was high. 


Anyways, I'm rethinking my tank.  I'm thinking I'll target LPS.  who knows...frogspawn, acan, sun, elegance, brain, we'll see.  maybe someday I'll throw in a birdsnest to get a little sps look, but probably not and only if everything's going perfectly.


so my current thoughts for fish, one of each since the tank isn't really big enough to house multiples of these which tend to be aggressive to their own.


yellow watchman - already in tank (been in there for ~6 months already)

firefish (normal, not purple/helfrichi)

royal gramma

green clown goby

neon blue goby

court jester goby


any thoughts?  I'm shooting for as much color as I can muster without overloading the tank (especially considering the LPS I want to keep).


for what it's worth, I think I remember putting around 50 pounds of rock in there (remember a 29g tank), and when I did the ~9g W.C., it looked like around half the height of water, so I'm guessing it was around 60-70% of the volume.  weird how much of the 29g the rock/sand takes up!

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