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March 2016 Meet and Greet Frag Swap

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Saturday March 12th is the day for out next PNWMAS Meeting 1:00PM. A Meet and Greet will be hosted by Vis and I think that this will be a perfect opportunity to do another frag swap. You know the drill, bring a cooler, Styrofoam, or good Tupperware full of your tradeable coral frags and see about exchanging one or two with a fellow member for something you don't have.


You can use this thread or start up another to make a more organized exchange. I like to see what people want or have to trade ahead of time to make things easier but I also come with a few surprises too just in case.


This is a great way to snag some corals, save some cash, and make some friends. You can learn a lot from some one who has successfully kept and propagated a certain specimen.


Also a good time to help out a new guy with that coral that just doesn't fit into you tank any more.

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I am hoping to find some new gems at the March Meet and Greet.Here's what I have:


Z's and P's














Larry Jackson's Tri Color

Montipora Foliosa

Unknown 4 colored table

Rufus Blue

California Tort 1"


I am looking for corals with natural white coloration.Other than that I am open to any reasonable offers.Feel free to request pics or shoot me a PM.The meet is less than 1 week away,so don't delay.

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I'll take the Mary Janes if possible. And I'll throw up a what I have for trade later today or tonight when I can do a drive by our frag tank.

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Speaking of trades,here's some pics.



The mother colony table.In anyone else's tank the new growth is lavender with white polyps.The base is good old brown with a Kelly green overlay,Brown polyps.


Zoas in my sump.Not the actual frags.




Upper right-Devil's Armor Far right-Blue Berry Fields Forever

Center- Mary Jane's. Single polyp on circular plug is a Gobbstopper.

Lower Left-Fire and Ice. Lower Right-Three Blue Eyed Girls







I have a 3 polyp frag of these Speckled/Ring of Fire zoas.^

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Ok so would like to trade for polyps i don't have. Available for trade list is..


2plp PPE

2plp Raptor Rainbow

3plp Night Crawlers

1 frag of Reverse Superman Monti

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Well I don't have anything to trade but I will bring some gsp I'm thinning out my softy tank and some pulsing xenia, for anyone to have. I should be there around 1ish

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Got a few polyps of juggernauts. Anyone interested in trading? Looking for a nice sps piece.

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I will be looking for some easy to try sticks and a few zoa if anyone has some for sale or just plain thinning out and want to give away.

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Beginner easy SPS $5/frag:

Bird's of Paradise

Pink Bird's Nest

Encrusting Montipora

Green Slimmer

Purple Stylophora


Let me know if anyone want me to bring some.








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Bringing this zoa for trade, not sure the name. It's still recovering from insufficient light so it doesn't look the best



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Meetings tomorrow!!!!

Lets get a nice exchange going on, I can bring some trades if the G.O. frags don't hog up the cooler.

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I will be looking for some easy to try sticks and a few zoa if anyone has some for sale or just plain thinning out and want to give away.

. I have some zoas that you can have. I am not making the meeting. I don't get out much. So not sure how I can get them to you. Some are just brown some are nice. None that I am willing to give away are the high end ones.
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    • By badxgillen
      Some of you may have heard that the May meeting coming up is being held at the North West Aquatics breeding facility in Tangent Oregon.
      In addition to the presentation, tour, and raffle there will be another one of those fine frag swaps we put on every few months. Colby, who runs the facility, has mentioned he could facilitate our club with some electricity and some water, so we figured why not setup the small frag tank for the swap. Miles and I will be bringing in a setup to keep your corals fresh and looking good for those of you who want to do your trading out of the bag.
      If you would like, you can do your trading on the fly by just bringing by a few pieces and hoping that some one will have a desirable coral you want...Or better yet, you can post up what you have to trade and work out a preemptive exchange here on the forums, that method always works best for me. You can feel free to use this thread to post your trade-ables in or start a thread of your own.
      But First, let me get you some of Bert's basis tips for success here.
      1.) make an attempt to have a fragment of reasonable size and health and try and get things cut and ready a few days to a week ahead of time to have the wounds healed up for the exchange. And double/triple check for pest invertebrates or algaes before sending your corals out, we try to keep invasives to a minimum here...And once you get your frags home, just in case, always acclimate the specimens then dip the corals before you put them into your personal aquarium.
      2.) Try to package your corals appropriately. This can mean not putting a spiny coral like birds nest into a thin dollar store bag or not utilizing insulation on an extended cold or warm trip. Try a small cooler or Styrofoam. If you can't find either of these and the destination is a long distance, keep the vehicle air conditioned or heated appropriately. As far as packaging goes you can double bag and use thicker mil plastics, or something else like a Tupperware or specimen container. I have even used washed out yogurt or cottage cheese containers that stack well inside the coolers. Just use something that will work, nothing like losing a nice and colorful animal because the bag got too cold and leaked all the water out on the way home.
      3.)Do your best to be courteous and fair to one another by not take advantage of each others ignorance or generosity. These are people of all levels in the hobby so give them the benefit of your knowledge and experience instead of the cold shoulder. And speaking of generosity, that giving nature has always been smiled upon here at PNWMAS and pay it forward tends comes back around these parts.
      Well, the meeting is only two weeks away so we got to get the ball rolling people,
      I'll get us started.
      Twilight Dragon Needs a trimmin

    • By Micksfish
      Hello All, 
      I haven't posted on this forum yet, but have been in the fish hobby for quite some time. I have been noticing something that has really concerned me and it just seems to be getting worse. 
      I live in the greater Seattle area and have noticed that we have been continually losing our quality fish stores over the last 10 to 15 years. Especially saltwater stores. We don't even have a reef club or reef swap to anymore (the Tri Cities even have one!!).   With Red C Aquarium store closing down. We now have Dennys Pet World, The Fish Store, Barrier Reef Aquariums and a few others that make up the available retail stores we can visit between Everett and Tacoma. Sure I missed a few of the smaller shops or mixed pet shops but you get my point. We really have a limited selection. When we look at meet ups or frag swaps, this is even more limited with what is available. I remember there used to be a much larger selection of events that were held yearly for aquarium hobbyists. But it seems, with time, they keep dropping off. 
      Aside from online retailers what do you think the cause of this is? You look around the US and every region has big yearly expos that bring national attention to their regions for fish and reef hobbyists. Then you look at the Pacific Northwest and it is a black hole. We need to work together to bring this back! 
      I know we can be introverted people who don't like to always go outside of our house. But this is something that I dearly miss and believe many of you do as well. 
      So I propose we try to work on getting ourselves back to what used to be. We need to stat supporting our local fish stores. Regardless if their prices are a bit more expensive. Soon enough, we will reach a day where you have an emergency and are unable to find a store anywhere that can assist you quickly. Instead, you have to wait two days for your order to show up, which in many cases, will be too late. 
      I'm not trying to make this a personal rant, but something to wake us up to take notice of this issue and work on finding a solution. I, like many others absolutely love this hobby. As well as the people it attracts. I want to see our area known for having a great environment for aquarium hobbyists so we can bring in better stores and maybe, just maybe host an actual national expo here!
      That being said, what do you all think we can do to bring this back? Do you agree with my thoughts on our dying culture here? And if so, help me to get this back on track! It will take a group to make this work so please help! 
      Thank you! 
    • By estanoche
      Hi Guys!
      I'm absolutely fired, or as Governor Schwarzenegger would say "Terminated" for being completely behind the 8ball on posting here! Ha! But, aside from that - I hope you are all excited to attend our swap and I wanted to personally invite all of you to head up to Seattle and share in the nuthouse we call the Bob Moore Frag Swap.
      Last year quite a few of you got caught in traffic through JBLM... that was honestly one of the reasons we decided to move the start time back 3 hours - to give everyone time to get to the swap when the doors open, not just the Seattle locals.
      Saturday, February 18th
      Doors open at 1PM - swap closes at 6PM. If you buy your tickets online you can get in at 12:30.
      20 Vendors - so many frags. And even frags from you all so you can raise money for your own club!
      See you there.
    • By badxgillen
      The January PNWMAS meeting is coming up, and as you may or may not know, we are rocking the first new year bash at our BOD member Gill&Fin's.
      Holly has been kind enough to setup a separate tank to house corals in to facilitate a proper frag swap, how exciting! So I am thinking now is a good time to let me get you in tune with how to have a successful coral exchange.

      I personally recommend posting up a picture of what you have to trade and underneath it include a  list of a few things you are interested in for a trade, try to be open as the exact coral you want may not be available at the time but there are many "Fish" in the sea so keep your eyes peeled for something you didn't know you wanted. Once you have negotiated a trade with some one get their club screen name and their real world name and give them yours, this way when you are at the meeting you will be able to identify each other via name tags and the coolers at our sides. 

      As far as packaging the corals for the swap I would recommend using a small cooler or a styrofoam box for transport. Tupperware are fine if the vehicle is kept warm during travel. I would also advise double bagging the corals especially hard ones with edges or points. And it never hurts to bring a bag of extra water just in case you need it for your frags or you get something unexpected at the swap.

      This is also a time to Share the Love and simply give away or donate corals to those who may need something you don't, should be a decent crowd of reefers there.

      So lets get to fragging a few corals folks, its just around the corner and you want those corals to have a bit of healing time right!? I am looking forward to this one.
      You can feel free to post up your trades here or start another thread up of your own, the choice is yours.
      Whats that, you want to see mine first?
      Okay, here's a little peak...

      Idaho Grape Montipora Capricornus

      Dainty Pocilipora

      Super Blue STag

      Alelis Blue AKA Aqua Man
      I will update this list with more things I have that need a pruning and a few smaller ones that can tolerate a "trim".
      I am just looking for things I do not have, right now I am really liking chalices and brains but like I said I am open to ALL kinds...Lets see what you all got going on!
    • By badxgillen
      Well looks like there has been some interest in doing some corals exchanges so this calls for a good ole fashioned Frag Swap! Bring your mini cooler and maybe a frag or two of something nice you think some one else would like to trade for their tank. But also remember, as you may or may not know, the most productive trades are worked out prior to the actual meet. This way you know that there will be something you and the other member wants. Although it never hurts to bring extra right?
      So here is a thread where people can use, or not use, to list the things they are willing to trade.
      I will kick it off with a few things I have cut or can cut very easily.

      Tierra Del Fuego Acropora

      Twilight Dragon Acropora

      Blue Tipped Slimmer Acropora

      Flame Skirts Zoanthids

      Mari Bllues Zoanthids

      Captain America Palythoas

      Good ole God of War Paythoas

      Green Mosaic Rhodactis Shroom

      Various types of Montiporas including this Candy Apple Capricornus.
      And what do I like/want? I would say that  I am easy to please, if I don't have it I would be interested. I like all colors, origins, and especially all build/structures