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March 2016 Meet and Greet Hosted by Vis

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Our upcoming March meeting will be a friendly BBQ Meet and greet at Vis's house

Come join us March 12 Saturday at 1:00 PM in Portland

Those wanting to attend simply need PM a board member for the address.

We will have our very own Mr.Bret manning the grill cooking some delicious BBQ ribs!

Frag Trades are encouraged at this meet as we are having a bit of a coral swap. You can setup a few trades with some members here on the forum, or just bring some of your extras and see what shows up...You never know right, I have gotten some of my most prized corals form PNWMAS meeting frag swaps.There will also be a Raffle with a prize from our generous sponsors. Paying members will receive one free ticket towards this raffle as well as a chance at a PNWMAs member exclusive door prize raffle for some of Rods Famous Frozen Food. Not a member!? We can easily fix that for you right here... http://www.pnwmas.org/subscriptions/ Non paying members and members alike can still purchase additional tickets for the raffle at the party.

People can feel free to bring a dessert for all those with a sweet tooth, cookies, chocolates, pie, cake, and pastries are all acceptable...I like em all :)

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You are also welcome to bring any other type of snacks for those of us that sugar may present a problem. I will be bring some other things for sure, as when sweets are the only thing available, it is way too easy to fill up on them, and suffer later! :)

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Just a reminder that the meeting is March 12. We will be raffling off Rod's food as one of the items! Supporting members (paid members) will get free raffle tickets!



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    • By badxgillen
      AAAAWWWWW !* Yeah!!! 
      With the September meeting coming in fast I thought I should get this thing rolling! The gracious host HigherThinking has given us a green light to setup a small frag tank at his house. This means we have been given the opportunity to do a frag swap event the right way, making our coral exchanging face to face with coral "outside the bag" and easy to view. Our Secretary Miles and Myself are going to bring the tank out to get this one on proper.
      Feel free to use this thread as a means to make and arrange a trade before the meeting and\or to show what you have up for grabs. Maybe even make a request and see if some one going can accommodate. These are always fun so post something up and see if you can work out a swap.

    • By badxgillen
      Saturday March 12th is the day for out next PNWMAS Meeting 1:00PM. A Meet and Greet will be hosted by Vis and I think that this will be a perfect opportunity to do another frag swap. You know the drill, bring a cooler, Styrofoam, or good Tupperware full of your tradeable coral frags and see about exchanging one or two with a fellow member for something you don't have.
      You can use this thread or start up another to make a more organized exchange. I like to see what people want or have to trade ahead of time to make things easier but I also come with a few surprises too just in case.
      This is a great way to snag some corals, save some cash, and make some friends. You can learn a lot from some one who has successfully kept and propagated a certain specimen.
      Also a good time to help out a new guy with that coral that just doesn't fit into you tank any more.