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    • By badxgillen
      As the title states, I need to make room ASAP! I have tons of corals that need trimmed and tons of frags that need a new home. Let me know if there is something I can do for you or my corals.
      Prices are negotiable, but I was thinking about making $10-$20-$25 frags of each coral for those interested...Obviously the size/polyp count will vary depending upon the coral in question.

      "Aussie Pink Hyacinth" Acropora:
      Maricultured Green Acropora: 
      Maricultured Plating Acropora: 
      Maricultured Purple Acropora:

      "Miyagi" Tort Acropora: 

      "Super Blue" Stag Acropora: 

      Rainbows in Spain SOLD-Pending

      "Twilight Dragon" Acropora: 

      "Upscales" Microlados Acropora: 
      "Birds of Paradise" Bird's Nest: 

      "ORA Hyacinth" Bird's Nest: 

      "Purple Hystix" Bird's Nest: 
      "Dainty Green" Pocillipora-
      "Neon Green" Pocilipora-
      Pink Lemonade"Pocillipora-

      ORA Purple Stylophora
      "PEA Yellow Base" Stylophora
      Multicolor Bubble 4"+ anemone
      Rose Bubble 3"+ anemone
      "Alien Eye" Echinopora: 
      "Green Eyed" Mycedium:
      "Hollywood Stunner" Oxypora:
      "Mango" Mycedium:
      "JF Bling Bling" Cyphastrea:
      "Lucky Charms" Cyphastrea: 
      "Minefield" Cyphastrea:
      "Super Red" Cyphastrea: 
      Euphellea "Hammer/Frogspawn Coral"
      Bicolor Frogspawn: 
      Green-tipped Hammer: 
      Purple-tipped "confused" Hammer:
      "Joker" Favia:
      War Coral Pentagona
      Candy Crush Pentagona
      Blue Valley Brain Favites
      Bicolor Galaxia: 
      Gold Galaxia: 
      Green Galaxia: 
      Gruubs Gorgonian: 
      Green Stars Encrusting
      Green Star Branching
      Green Star Fade
      Purple Star Encrusting
      Blue Cloves
      White Pom Pom Xenia
      Lobophyton "Devil's Hand"
      Neon Green
      "Candy Red" Monti' Cap'
      "Flower Petal" Monti' Cap'
      "Green Apple" Monti' Cap'
      "Idaho Grape" Monti' Cap'
      Purple Monti' Cap'
      "Aquaman" Montipora
      "Naughty Spiral" Montipora
      "ORA Supernatural" Montipora
      "Super Man" Montipora
      "White Daisy" Montipora Foliosa
      Branching Montipora Digitata
      "Forest Fire" Montipora Digitata
      "German Blue" Montipora Digitata:
      Green Montipora Digitata
      "Super Red" Montipora Digitata
      "Citrus Mistress"
      Mushroom Coral
      Green Discosoma:
      Purple Discosoma:
      Red Discosoma:
      "Mean Green" Rhodactus
      "Purple Passion" Rhodactus
      Orange Ricordia Yuma
      Orange & purple Ricordia Yuma:
      Rainbow Ricordia Yuma:
      "Damsel Blue" Psamacora
      "Forest Green" Psamacora
      "Lemon Lime" Psamacora: 
      "ORA Kelly Green" Psamacora: 
      "Pumpkin Pie" Psamacora:
      "GB Watermelon" Psamacora: 
      Green Cactus Pavona
      "Figi Yellow" Sarcophyton: Sold Out
      Green Sarcophyton: 
      "Tyree Green" Sarcophyton: 
      "Blueberry Field": , "Bumble Bee": , "Captain America", "Flame Skirt", "Radioactive Dragon Eye" , Devils Armor, Eagle Eyes, Nuclear Winters, Pink And Golds, Mohawks, Kiwi Crushes, Iron Mans, BBBithes, X Mas, Gobstoppers, Ring of Fire, 
      And a plethora more.
      I apologize about the format and odd listing, I was trying to multi task and it didn't pan out the way I had hoped. I can get pics for those interested but didn't want to bog down the thread with countless photos. I will be at the meeting at the end of the month as well so feel free to PM me about something you may want.
      I will update this in the near future.
    • By gawf4fun
      Turnkey system.  Good condition.  Just add water... and some rock and substrate...
      Complete with Aquatic Life skimmer, Eheim return pump, Tunze powerhead for flow, cooling fan, 165 watt LED light, and heater.
      Easily $500 plus new, but it’s no longer new.  Everything works, name brand stuff, less than 40% of new.  $190 takes it all.
      Available afternoons this weekend.  Call or text questions to 503-381-4026.  Mark@mtkmeyer.com
      Thanks for looking.

    • By Michael
      got a whole bunch of this for free. small, and medium pieces. PM me if interested! will post when all out!
    • By Michael
      got a couple small pieces of kenya, should have some more from my other tank in a couple weeks probably. anybody in Vancouver WA, want them? in Oregon and really wants to make the drive? i commute to portland and can meet you somewhere sometime? 
      Message me and let me know!!! 
      keep on sharing the love guys! WooHoo!!!
    • By Yourmedic
      So here I am, the new guy to the sweet world of coral! I'm rocking a IT-2040 LED system on top of my 40B, slowly bringing it up. Right now, it is running at 35% max for 4.5 hours of the day. I have 2 frags that are at the bottom of the tank as to acclimate them to the LEDs. I have a few questions and would love all the info you have to throw at me!
      1. Am I really taking my DeWalt drill to a piece of live rock from my tank? If so, do I pull out the coral to see the size of drill bit I need for the plug?
      2. This one may get confusing; once the frag is attached to the rock, do I slowly move the rock up in my tank to the right level, or do I "putty" the frag on different rocks until it get to the level, then drill the rock and place the frag? Did that make sense? Essentially, how do I place the frag at the right level in my tank according to lighting requirements? 
      3. Lastly, how do I know when I found the "sweet number" for the LEDs to stay at for the max? Do I wait until my frags are placed and every week raise the % by a few until my coral looks pissed, then take them back down just a few? 
      Thanks for all the help everyone! 
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