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February POTM - Yes... it's back!

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Please welcome back the POTM (Pic Of The Month).  It has been awhile since we have run a POTM contest.  Looking forward to seeing some of those great shots.


The rules are pretty simple!


One photo entry per person

Pic has to be taken by YOU

Must be in by the posted deadline

Must follow subject guidelines for the month


Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline.   


This months subject:


FTS - Full/Front Tank Shot


Keeping it simple for our first one.  Plus this makes you take an updated shot of your tank for posting, and I get to see it!!!  ☺





February 29th  2016  @ 10pm  PST


Voting will start on March 1st and run for 7 days.  Winner is determined by PNWMAS members and visitors.  



For this POTM I am donating a zoanthid frag of my choice to the winner.  The voted winner will have to arrange to either pickup the frag, or cover the cost of shipping.  This can be worked out.


So let’s see those entries... and tanks!!  Win a frag!!


Good Luck!!

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Yeah let's see that crazy reefnjunkie 400g in wall, that smann beautiful deep dimension, that mattv cube of madness, that Mr. Brett cube of zoa insanity, that softy nano of gems, that randyS 500g in wall wrasse kingdom, that dragon 300g epic fish collection etc... Beautiful tanks already posted btw.. I wish I could get good pictures like that. All my pictures turn out blinding blue :(

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There is a reason i am asking for tank shots.....    so please.... even if you posted them in another thread..... post it here!!!

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