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January meeting 2016 Pictures with Dr. Tim Miller Morgan

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Guest speaker Dr. Tim Miller Morgan was the highlight of the January PNWMAS meeting and he put on one comprehensive presentation on disease recognition and treatment. I know that the thread in preparation of the meeting had this information presented in it but I felt it would also be useful to be shown here as well.


 "Dr. Miller-Morgan has 30 years of experience in aquatic animal medicine and husbandry. The last 16 years have been primarily focused on fish and aquatic invertebrates. He is currently an aquatic veterinarian working in Newport, Oregon, USA. He is based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC), a major marine research institution associated with Oregon State University. He serves as a clinical veterinarian for aquatic animals at Oregon State University and for fish and invertebrates at the adjacent Oregon Coast Aquarium. He is also an extension veterinarian with Oregon Sea Grant Extension. In this capacity he provides outreach, education and clinical services to the ornamental fish industry. Dr. Miller-Morgan is also an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Aquatics Section Head at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Here he teaches courses in fish medicine and health management and coordinates the aquatic health services at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. He is also the co-creator and an instructor with the Aquarium Science Program at Oregon Coast Community College in Newport. This unique program trains husbandry professionals for work in public aquaria, research laboratories, aquaculture facilities and the ornamental fish industry."




I apologize as I was a few minutes late so I missed out on the front row, best seats in the house, I believe Emerald may have snapped a photo or two of some of the other slides that were shown...There were many.




You could tell that he had done this numerous times before, an informative talk along with some relevant slides assisted in his delivery of the topic, and being able to ask questions in between subjects made things easy to digest and clear as day.




and the cool thing is he was still excited about everything, he has certainly been successful doing what he loves.




There were so many things he talked about, emphasizing quarantine, acquiring healthy fish to begin with and what to look for, biopsy possibilities, as well as some treatments. One of the ones i liked very much was the 80\20 rule were 80% of the effects are from 20% of the cause or 80% of the issues that arise in the aquarium are from 20% of our husbandry...Its up to each of us as individuals to figure out what that %20 is and improve upon it.

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Its all about balance between many many factors before a break out occurs such as environment, health, nutrition, stress, age, and obviously the imposing issues, protozoans, infections. 




I hope Emerald was paying attention during this part, I had to get up part way during the talk to say goodbye to a few members that had to leave before the end of the talk.




Holly was there and cheerful as usual. Thanks for being the frag courier, Again. And be careful with the copper, its wicked stuff.




This guy was so generous! He shows up with a bucket Full of corals and just starts fragging things out giving em away left and right. Very cool, share the love Danlu. And let me know if I can get some acro goodness next time we meet up.

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StayPuff was there, Great meeting you.




I look forward to the next meet, love putting faces to the name as they say.




Aufatheree, I wish I ahd more time to take a look at your new lighting. I have ahd great experience with Kessils BUT, I have since swapped out for wither OR 247s, SOLs, or Aquabeauties due to failure on time and m part. There are many ways to satisfy those hungry corals. OH and, GO Hawks!




HigherThinking, was great seeing you for the little time I did. I got your number now so you know your not safe. Reliable fortune cookie says there may be a package in the mail in your not too distant future.

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We are looking forward to your tank upgrade progress fFlashy Fins, and I am sure there will be room for a new goniopora fragright.




Reefer Madness, another new member that was ale to make it to the meet, sounds like you are on your way to having a pretty nice 75 gallon reef.




Mr Bret here, possibly calling in a zoanthid raffle drop team, he one of the good ones. All of our BOD and people in Office do a great job of behind the scenes work here. It is really amazing sometimes.


Thanks everyone! It was a great time, wish I took more photos...even if it was with a terrible cell phone camera.


Thanks Dr. Tim and Thank you JManrow.

We appreciate all of the PNWMAS staffs work in putting together these meetings. without the team and the members their is no club.

Much appreciated.

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Dang, I wish I could have made it! Thanks for putting together the pictures and descriptions for us Bert! Always awesome reading through and seeing the pictures, both when I'm part of it and when I miss it.

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Thanks for the pictures Bert! Thanks John Manrow for getting this arranged. I did snap a few pictures. The primary focus of Dr. Tim's talk was prevention which is a multilayered approach such as making sure you buy from healthy stock and being careful not to contaminate your system. Probably the biggest points were:


1. Quarantine-Dr. Tim recommends 30 days and if you add a new fish to the QT tank starting at 30 days

2. He also recommended UV sterilizers but make sure you get the adequate size and bulb for your particular system and did not see a downside to using them











Then he taught us how to count to 10








That's Bret and Andrew paying attention while I secretly snap a picture:




Holly intently paying attention but Cherany has an eye for the camera!







And once again our president John Manrow making the introductions! Thanks again John



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