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Free sps for Jan 10th meeting

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I got a bunch of Montipora digi and 2 types Bird's Nest vary from 2"-4".


Free if you like to have some. Bring the following:


1. Reply to this post so I can gauge how much interest and how much to bring.

2. A bag or container for each type you like with some of your tank water.

3. Cooler or something to keep them warm.

4. Come to the Jan meeting with above and look for me.


My tank is pest free but wouldn't hurt if you dip them. I use Bayer's from HomeDepot.







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Well that's real nice of you I like the birds nest and Digi would love to grab a couple.


I'm picking up couple things from someone here so ill bring couple bags with some of my water that would be awesome.


Thank you.

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Thanks so much for sharing! I'll bring bags and a cooler for the trip back. I'd like to try both of them in my classroom tank. Thanks again!

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Hi my name is mike my location is brownsville. I have a 75gallon I have been building for the last seven months. I have some zoas and my favorite thing, the stick. A ribbon gorgonian the kids call a stick. I hope to have a beautiful tank soon and hope to learn a lot from all on the site. I am headed to the meeting this weekend and cant wate to have a good time with others that love the things I do.

i would love to get any thing i can to help start my collection.

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