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Bubbarockies saying hello

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Hello all,


My name is Brandon.  I just moved from Denver to Portland for a job and am beginning to plan out my new tank.  None of my reef equipment made the move, so I am planning completely from scratch.  I will not be purchasing anything big until April, but due to learning a lot of hard lessons on previous tanks, I am trying to micro-manage this one to death before I even begin the build.  I'm sure I will be posting to the forum for advice soon.  Here are my plans so far:


180 gallon mixed reef

Fish I definitely want:

2 Fancy clownfish

1 Purple tang

1 Flasher wrasse

1 One-Spot Foxface

1 Green Mandarin

1 Purple Firefish

1 Blue hippo tang


As far as corals, I really enjoy and have had previous success with zoas and acans.  But I would like to aim for a good mix this go around. 


I am hoping to find some great shops and vendors local and hope to meet some great people once I'm ready to dive in to this project!




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Welcome!  The build is so fun, nothing wrong with micro managing it!  There are allot of nice zoas and acans up here you should have fun stocking too.

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Welcome I just started my build Today got some pics up myself of what I did for today I'm looking forward to watching all this grow the way I want to.

The build is where it is at.

I was going to go used boy would it have been cheaper but something about new that I like and know everything will work ok.


Look forward to seeing your build when you get going.

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