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Hello there! Missing my puffer!

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Hello all!  Just wanted to say hello and am glad to finally find a place where I can meet some folks who are interested in saltwater aquariums!  I am looking to get back into the hobby.  I used to have a 350 gallon aquarium in college with my favorite fish being a pufferfish named Bubba.  He was completely awesome.  Would squirt water as I walked by when he was hungry which was most of the time.  I really want to find a setup that someone is looking to part with that is ready to go mostly.  125 gallons is the perfect size in my opinion but can do whatever.  Let me know if you know of places to go for setups or where to look to find folks moving on from the hobby.  Don't have a ton of money to drop to start but can't wait to get another dog-faced puffer to be my friend again.  

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