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My First Reef - 29G Mixed

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Picked up some sps frags over the last month, most seem to be growing nicely but did lose 3 when my cheato died and went asexual, and ended up w/ cyano.  Currently dosing erthromyacin through my ATO, seems to be going away.


Have been losing sps to RTN randomly, one after another really getting frustrating.  So far have lost Pink lemonade, mirage milli, tequila sunrise milli, red planet, watermelon milli, red dragon, grape juice, raspberry lemonade, twilight dragon.


Coming to the conclusion that having sps in my starter tank is running into problems, so I am going to rebuild from the ground up with a better footprint, better and more consistent flow, and am considering adding a calcium reactor as I think I am getting swings in my alk.


Although my tank is stable at 78 degrees, 1.025 salinity, 410-440 calc everytime I check, and my alk never moves between 8-9? Magnesium also seems stable, as I dont dose mag but get it through my consistent 5g per week water changes.  Also consistently dose amino's and reef energy, but seem to be losing the battle with the sps.  All other corals are fat and happy and growing.


New build thread to come this week. 55g cube

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