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Lots of Gratitude and Much Excitement

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It was wonderful to meet everyone yesterday and "talk tanks"!  I REALLY appreciate the warm welcome I received and I'm looking forward to many more fun times and informative discussions. It was great to watch the fragging demonstration....I look forward to the day when I'll have something to share! There has been much excitement in my classroon today as each class comes in and realizes there are new "critters" in the tank. I've attached a few photos of my Marine Biology class making the discoveries. In fact as they were looking in the tank they watched a "battle" between the peppermint shrimp and the arrow crab which ended up with the shrimp loosing one if its tenticles. The pic is blurry but if you look carefully you can see the trimmed tenticle laying behind him. Anyway, thanks again for all the donations to our tank and for everyone's kindness to the new kid on the block!













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Thanks for the pictures Aubrey!


Sorry I couldn't get any frags out to you but I knew the folks at PNWMAS would take care of you!


I will try to get you next time!

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Yes , thank you for the update. I don't see a Tyree Green Sarcophyton in there, I thought some one brought you one but if that is not the case then I am sure i can get on to you if you still wanted one. We talked briefly about types of corals in the tank and various methods of keeping things stable for the coral species but there is too much ground to cover in one short conversation so feel free to ask some questions when you have them. Lots of knowledgeable folks here who would be more than happy to assist.

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Your aquarium is looking really good Aubrey.Thanks for taking the time to post up these pictures.I am sure your efforts will inspire some future hobbyist and scientists.

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