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New to Salt but have been int he aquarium hobby for 15 years...

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Sonny,  I've been in the hobby for quit some time now, decided to revisit Saltwater.  I will start out with a small 15 gallon Clown tank.  I am just now gathering equipments to start.  I have a 15 gallon Eclipse in which I plan on using. 

I have a sump and Skimmer, needing light and pump to get going.  


I have a 240 gallon empty tank, a 110 gallon that I will start planting and raise Pseudacanthicus ( L24 and L25s), Two 55 gallon tanks, one will remain Freshwater for Zebra Plecos L46s, the other I will be converting to salt soon.


Saltwarter will be a slow process for me, only because I have a few freshwater projects I want to get done. 


Any leads to good LED light information is appreciated... thanks.

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Welcome Sonny! I did not see your post earlier. I really do try to respond to new people to the forum. Please check our Classified Section about the LEDs, and with our PNWMAS Sponsor Stores in the area!

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