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I just couldn't stay away. Picked up rworegon's 6 gal fluval edge a couple of weeks ago in trade for some work. Not much in it, just a few zoas, some star polyps, and some aptasia at the moment. Gonna throw a peppermint shrimp in there today. Hopefully it will take care of the pests, since I'm not feeding the tank.


Eventually going to do all softies and a shrimp/goby pair. It's the smallest tank I have ever had, but I think it will be pretty cool when I put some time and money into it. Just nice to have a tank again.

If anyone in Eugene is getting rid of pulsing Xenia, I would be interested.


I will post a pic later.




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Welcome back! Hope to see you at meetings... we have activities coming up, and need to post them very soon! :)

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