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August Meeting... PNWMAS Annual Summer Potluck BBQ!

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:yahoo:  The Annual PNWMAS Potluck/BBQ was awesome, and had a very good turnout! My special thanks to M.J., Dylan, and the rest of the Rose City Reef Band! :thumbs:


We will need to make reservations and acquire an amplified music permit much earlier in the year for next year's event. We really had no intention of waiting this long. All reservations for the Pavilion for amplified music were taken before June. I did not notice and smoke from the fires in the Columbia Gorge where we were, and I can understand if some of you did not attend for that reason! It was smoky out this was just a few days ago.


Let us know if any of you have suggestions of locations for next year's Summer Picnic event! In the past we have done our best to have this secured by March or April!

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