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Stunning Lobo - Enjoying the Rebuild

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Well this rebuild is a good chance to be super selective about what goes into the tank, and hopefully be patient!


However, I am just plain excited about some of the things showing up for sale lately.


Bought this guy from AquaSD, could not be happier





For those of you LPS eagle eyes, note the tissue recession is an old wound, all healed up. Scared me at first but it is all good.

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Is this a picture in your tank? What camera are you using? Nice Lobo man.


Hey Robert, this is a picture out of my tank, panasonic dmc-gx7, wife's camera.  


It is legit, I try not to ever post pics that aren't realistic because you know a reef buddy will always come over some day and the jig is up then ;)  It is a true beauty...



I wonder how my Emperor would enjoy that.


Agree on the rebuild, Im looking forward to it actually.


That's a nice Lobo #alittledrool



Thanks Brad, hard to imagine anything could make you drool with all the beauties you have LOL.  


Sweet lobo Jeremy!!


Thank you sir, how are your orange hammers growing out btw?


Freakin awesome man!




Ah Mike, I am so bummed.  Your nice orange lobos did not make it.  If I can make it grow like yours and get a nice colony, definitely this time I will get you a frag.  If I learned anything in the crash it is to share generously and it will come back around. Sadly I never got that frag back to you before the 'event'.


It seems the heads are connected connected on this one, hate cutting LPS flesh.  Hopefully they will split off like a lobo over time.  I dunno, maybe its a symphillia?

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