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who's running Tanks for Teachers these days?

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I've been off the forum for a while, wondering who is the current contact for me to refer a teacher to? I was working temporarily at World of Wet Pets while staff were at a convention this week, a teacher came in who recently moved here. She has a partial setup for a nano (think it's a 12 gallon biocube) and is going to set it up at King Elementary. She needs substrate, rock, a light (thinking LED) not sure what else. I got her name and number for the contact person, she also needs help getting on the forum.


Also I am now working at Arata Creek School, it's a lot like Pioneer and we are not allowed to have glass tanks for safety nor saltwater, wondering if TFT has a small plastic or acrylic tank they would be willing to set aside for a freshwater shrimp tank in a classroom? I know this is a saltwater forum, so understand if not. We have a flimsy little plastic thing from Goodwill, but I would rather see a nano made of real acrylic, less than 10 gallons if possible but heavy enough for a kid to have difficulty throwing it, or at least over the 2 gallons we have in case they shut off the heat for vacations. Hoping to put black sand in it, I can provide decor, sponge filter, plants and shrimp. Does not need lighting more complicated than a standard screw in PC or LED light bulb, probably needs a decent submersible heater and definitely a lid. Not sure I have a spare air pump. 

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Electrokate I am sure we as a forum can come up with something....I would donate money towards a tank if need be.

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