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Welcome Back Golden Basket Reef!

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome back Golden Basket to the forum!


Welcome back Rudy! You were missed! :clap: 


For those of you who are new here Rudy has been in business for over 25 years I think it may be 30 years now. 


He has an online store and there is always a great variety of corals. 


He is the orignator of the Krakatoa zoas that now people all over the country go crazy for and one of our very own local reefers came up with the name.


Rudy has been doing this longer than some of you have been alive and way before all the designer corals.


He sells to some of the well known vendors like Jason Fox and we are lucky to sometimes get in before something gets named and the price quadruples.


We are also lucky to be able to visit his store locally!


He has a wealth of knowledge and experience too and is a great source of information! Welcome back!

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