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Welcome back Rod's Food as a sponsor!

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Received a nice box of goodies from Rod's Food. Great to have them back as a sponsor.

Received samples of the Original blend, seaweed blend for your tangs, pacific plankton and fish eggs.

I have always felt the key to happy and healthy fish is variety so I have always fed various foods.

Rod's Food has always worked well for me and was very helpful in getting new fish and picky fish to eat. I would use this in my QT tank all the time.

Fish scramble for the fish eggs like children to an ice cream truck! They are fun to use just as a treat.

The pacific plankton is similar to my mysis in size but a saltwater species high in omega 3 fatty acids.

They have a whole variety of products including a coral blend for corals only.

Great to have you back Rod's Food!!!!






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Great to have them on board again! I used this stuff all the time and will probably use it again once my tank is up and running.

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