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What do you dose for softies?

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Just curious as I'm about to start stocking my tank here in a little bit but curious as to know if anyone adds any extra nutrients to their tank besides the salt they use.  Im using Red Sea Pro salt and mainly want a softies tank with a few SPS but dominantly Zoas and Shrums and some LPS.  Anyways just trying to get some input on what you've noticed with growth and development with some extra supplements.  Thanks for any info!! 

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It all depends on what Corals you will have, If you are just doing Softies and intend to do water changes that should be enough, if not doing water changes I would suggest  Kent Coral-Vite, LPS is another beast on its own as it will suck Alk! In that case I would suggest a 2 Part System to replenish the Alk/Calc/Mag.

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With a good quality salt and water changes you can certainly keep some very nice softies and LPS corals no problem, even some SPS provided they are not too large or too plentiful, just keep your eyes on those parameters. As far as dosing for softs I do some Iodine and occasional amino acids. I also feed these tanks with "juicy" types of foods as they seem to prefer the finer things.

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Thanks for the info! I plan on stocking some by the end of this month given that my tank is don't cycling. Also want to throw on an overflow box to a sump to get extra volume and filters going. I'm going filter less now but seem by adding the sump I'll have better quality.

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Iodine and Strontium is what I dose regularly. I dose alk,calc, and Mag on weeks I dont change my water.

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