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Zwickm's 50 Gallon Reef

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Hi - I've been lurking in the forum, reading and purchasing from classified for a few months but have never posted pictures of my tank. Thought i would share a few pictures of my 50 gallon 36"x18"x19" mixed reef. A lot of the corals came from PNWMAS members :) 


Its only been running for about 4 months but has done very well so far. It's packed pretty full so i may need to start fraging/selling corals soon.


Side tank shot




Pink Birds Nest




ORA Mind Trick




Frag Rock




Older shot of the tank







Pic of when i built the setup




Custom built sump by TAP Plastics



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PS - I'm not the best photographer... and this is from my phone

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Thanks, appreciate the comments! It's been doing very well so far. There is a pretty wide mix of corals right now because I've been seeing what i like and does best. It's been over a decade since i've been in the hobby so trying new things. I'm going to keep it mostly SPS dominant and will probably sell some of the LPS and softies soon.

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