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Auction Corals for the May 2015 Meet

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I figured we could post up a few pics of the corals available for auction here to build a little suspense and anticipation. As you know we will have raffle ticket available $5 each or $20 for 5 , the paying members will have an edge in getting one free raffle ticket to throw in the pot. You can give your support to the club while getting the chance to snag a nice coral, its a win win, so snag a few tickets and enjoy the show.


Now lets see what I have here...



Some really nice Green Toxic Hammer, a bit of a two tone hammer coral that has that spray paint effect to it. These cell phone pics don't show any of its highlights but it certainly is not the regular green hammer.




An interesting Aussie Maricultured Chalice, looks like it will develop some odd coloration in time.




 Green Polyped Pocillipora Damicornus mini colony that under bright lighting gets a nice purple hue in the tips.




A nice Purple Gorgonian with branches forming, it is at least 3-4 inches tall.




Did I mention there are a few acros in the mix too such as a super blue Tenius.

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A little Zoas love too.




And a nice chunk of Alien Eye Chalice.




This is a pic I borrowed from myself to get a good look at what kind of chalice it is, the actual piece is in a inopportune position to get a clean photo shot of but you get the idea...Nice chalice for sure.

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